scrubber drier Grande Brio 45


Walk behind scrubber drier

GRANDE BRIO 45 is the medium walk behind scrubber drier of the Grande Brio range, with 450 mm scrubbing path. Completely mechanical, compact and very simple to use, remain some of the points strengths of the machine. 

              scrubber drier Grande Brio 45


Product technical features

Scrubbing path 450 mm
Solution tank40 L
Coverage performance1800 m2/h
Working time 2.30 h
Brush size1 x 450 mm
Brush pressure30 Kg
Squeegee width650 mm
Recovery tank45 L
Voltage24 V
Max battery capacity120 A (Wet)
On board battery charger15 A (ext.)
Batteries compartm. (LxWxH)365x365x320 mm
Total power (nominal)1090 W
Brush motor (nominal power)1 x 600 W
Vacuum motor (nominal)490 W
Dimensions (LxWxH)1030x720x950 mm
Weight without batteries65 Kg
Weight with batteries142 Kg



450 mm

40 L

1800 m2/h

2.30 h

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