Willmop 35

Simplify your day:

Go beyond in less time!

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Willmop 50

For crowded spaces,
one hand is enough

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Grande Brio 35

in every way.

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Grande Brio Ride On 75

Even agility
it’s a performance.

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Ariamatic 240

The urban litter vacuum
of the future

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Itala 135

Dirt in the city
has no future

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Professional cleaning machines that are easy to use and easy to maintain.

Professional cleaning machines easy to to use and simple to maintain.
Cleaning solutions that, although contain the latest technological discovery, are made available to everyone.
Everyone is able to use them because they are so intuitive that they don't require trainings.
Everyone is able to repair them because they are designed to simplify maintenance operations.

Our cleaning divisions

We have an agile and flexible organization, which allows us
to understand the latest market trends and the requests of our customers faster than others.


Relations with our partners, suppliers and customers are also on a human-scale,
because guided by principles that we all believe in and refer to at TSM.
We believe in listening, dynamism and flexibility.
Get in touch with us, we're here to listen.

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