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Customer service is a crucial part of our offering. It enhances the value of TSM machines by providing a long-lasting cleaning experience over time. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success, and that’s why we provide support and guidance in selecting the right product, taking into account our customers’ requests, needs, and the specific application environments.

We pay close attention to the experiences of our distributor network and gather feedback on new trends in each market to consistently offer cutting-edge solutions. Our team of technical and sales experts is always available to provide rapid and effective technical support, backed by dedicated documentation.


Thanks to our specialized technicians, we provide technical and sales training on each product.

The human element is at the core of all our projects. Our cleaning solutions incorporate the latest technology but remain accessible to everyone. We make simplicity and user-friendliness of our machines our strength so that both less experienced and experienced personnel can find satisfaction in using them.

The training we offer, including technical, sales, and marketing materials, is directed at all cleaning staff, from operators using our solutions to consultants and professionals representing the world of TSM cleaning machines.


We invest in training cleaning operators to share information related to safety during operations, choosing the right product for the task, achieving the best results, and reducing detergent consumption and water waste.


We offer technical and sales training to sales consultants on the operation and technology of our machines, making them experts in our product. This way, they can provide the best advice to their clients, not only regarding the most suitable cleaning solution for their needs but also in terms of correct maintenance during operation.


The rapid and straightforward maintenance of our solutions is the key to our success. Proper post-sales service management ensures consistent performance and safety for people and the environments where the machine is used, reducing overall operating costs.

Our trained technical staff, present worldwide, ensures that your TSM machines are always operational, responding promptly and effectively when you need assistance.


Every TSM customer is supported by our logistics service, ensuring punctuality and efficiency.

The management of inbound and outbound logistics requires in-depth knowledge of market needs, as well as the ability to effectively handle the flow of production orders and delivery timelines.

TSM’s dedicated outbound logistics service provides personalized support to meet your needs, ensuring prompt processing of your orders, whether they are for spare parts or machines, and the proper organization of transportation worldwide. Our team of logistics professionals is available to assist you in arranging transportation correctly, supporting you with the necessary import documentation and customs procedures.


Through our marketing activities, we support our national and international distributors in every aspect of promoting cleaning machines.

TSM’s specialized marketing team provides support in creating online and offline advertising and communication content to reach new customers and boost sales.

Having the support of a team of marketing experts can assist you in effectively managing social media and creating new marketing materials such as brochures, manuals, business cases, photography, and videos to enhance customer loyalty and increase sales opportunities.

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What types of cleaning machines does TSM offer?

TSM offers a wide range of electric cleaning machines, including floor scrubbers, sweepers, professional vacuums, steam generators, single-disc machines, electric street sweepers, and urban sweepers.

What are the requirements to become an authorized distributor of TSM's cleaning machines?

Becoming an authorized distributor of TSM is straightforward. Whether you have experience in the cleaning industry or are new to this field, our sales team provides comprehensive training and support. For detailed information on becoming a TSM distributor, we invite you to get in touch with one of our sales experts. Visit our dedicated page (click here) to contact us. We are here to answer all your questions and guide you on the path to becoming a successful distributor of our cleaning machines.

What geographical areas are available for the distribution of TSM's cleaning machines?

TSM distributes its cleaning machines in more than 84 countries worldwide. Contact our sales team to explore collaboration opportunities. If you are interested in distributing TSM machines in your country, we invite you to contact one of our sales representatives. Visit our dedicated page (click here)to get in touch with our team.

Does TSM provide technical support or training for its distributors?

TSM offers comprehensive technical support and training opportunities for its distributors. Our team is available to answer your questions and provide assistance on all our machines. Furthermore, we offer training programs covering technical, commercial, and marketing aspects to help you grow in the professional cleaning sector. For more information, we invite you to contact our sales team through the dedicated page (click here).

What are the warranty policies for TSM's cleaning machines?

TSM’s high-quality cleaning solutions, entirely made in Italy, are backed by a solid warranty policy. We offer a standard warranty for our products, covering manufacturing defects and materials for one year. If you are one of our distributors and wish to obtain specific warranty details for your TSM product, we invite you to check your dedicated space in the private area of our website using the serial number of your machine. If you are an end user, you can contact your supplier directly. We ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with our high-quality products and that any issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

Does TSM provide marketing materials or advertising support to its distributors?

At TSM, we believe in the importance of collaborating with our partners to successfully promote and market our cleaning solutions. Our distributors have access to a variety of marketing resources, including brochures, product videos, high-resolution images, and more. Additionally, we offer guidance and support in planning effective marketing strategies to promote TSM products in their distribution areas. All these marketing materials, along with additional technical and support resources, are easily accessible in the private area of our website, available at all times for our distributors.

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