The human side
of cleaning

The human component is so important to us
which is at the heart of all our designs.

Our Vision

We believe that the greatest
satisfaction for people is to find
gratification in everyday work.
Our solutions are eco-friendly
and developed to make life easier.

It is from people that needs arise, and it is
from people that ideas arise to satisfy those needs.
We are committed to maintaining a human
perspective in the professional cleaning sector,
by providing solutions that enable operators
to find satisfaction in their daily work.

Who we are

The global company of
professional cleaning machines
on a human scale.

The human component is so important
to us that is at the heart of all our developments.
We build eco-friendly machines with a distinctive
Italian design combined with the latest technology,
easy to use for everyone.
We have an agile and flexible organization,
which allows us to understand faster the latest
market trends needs and the customers requests.
Our wealth of knowledge and expertise,
accumulated over 5 generations of business,
combined with a dynamic team of creative
and enthusiastic professionals, enables us to
provide the most innovative solutions in the
constantly evolving market of the cleaning industry.

Family history

The greatest resource of TSM is its history

The family business goes as far back as 1882,
in an artisan workshop close to Francenigo (province of Treviso, Italy)
where the first agricultural implements were made.
A river ensured the necessary energy to the functioning
of the forge and the hammer, indispensable for the manufacture of iron,
still existing and working equipment in the old factory, nowadays museum.

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At the end of the Second World War, it begins the production itself
under the Moro brand, under the direction of the
three brothers Ugo, Enrico and Domenico Moro.
The traditional agriculture implements afterwards became
trailers, agricultural plows, manure spreaders and tanker trailers.
In 1955, also the production of vacuum pumps begins.
In the ‘60 in coincidence with the urban development
and the agricultural crisis, the company lays the foundations
for the production of tankers and sewer equipment, industrialized
in the new premises in Fiume Veneto.

In the following years, with the evolution of the product
and the creation of new divisions, the company,
which has become Moro Group, starts the design and
manufacture of equipment for urban cleaning,
and waste collecting vehicles, consolidating the
position as Europe’s leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning.

With the subsequent establishment of TSM
(acronym for Technological Systems by Moro) our family,
now in its fifth generation, is pursuing with passion a
tradition that has lasted for over a century,
producing electric vehicles for the municipal cleaning
and industrial cleaning machines.
The product portfolio therefore consists of three
complete and distinct lines: TOOLS, INDOOR and OUTDOOR machines,
for industrial and commercial cleaning and urban hygiene.
The lines includes upright scrubber dryers, floor auto-scrubbers, sweepers,
vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, steam generators and single disk machines;
while within the urban cleaning vehicles
there are eco-friendly and with zero CO2 emissions machines,
such as the urban waste vacuum cleaner and compact road sweepers.

What we do

We bring a human perspective to the professional cleaning
sector by offering our customers user-friendly solutions tailored to their needs.

At the heart of all our designs lies the human component,
which is of utmost importance to us.

Our cleaning solutions and machines incorporate the latest
technology, yet remain accessible to everyone.
The equipment is so intuitive that it requires no explanation
for its use, and maintenance operations are simplified.

Everyone can feel satisfaction in their use,
because they are designed to meet human needs,
be that ergonomic or technical.
It is therefore, not the technological trend that guides us,
but how through our solutions we can create
simplicity for our customers.


Our product philosophy

Our motto is
Make life easier…

Inside our machines there are the values rooted in our family
and the entrepreneurial drive that moves us in the
constant search for new solutions.
Our product philosophy centers around providing innovative,
high-quality solutions that meet the needs of our customers and
improve their daily lives. We are committed to develop
eco-friendly solutions that simplify life:

Everyone is able to use our equipment, because so
intuitive that require no training for use.

Everyone is able to maintain them, because designed
to simplify maintenance operations.

Everyone can feel satisfaction while using them, because
designed to meet human needs, be that ergonomic or technical.

    Our machines design takes into account the safety, comfort, and productiveness of users. We incorporate the latest technology and ensure that everyone can feel gratification in the use with ease. Additionally, our machines are designed for easy repair.
    We participate in creating a more sustainable and livable world. We develop solutions with low environmental impact that do not produce CO2, and reduce water and chemical waste during cleaning activities.
    Our machines are engineered and built to last, without compromising the unmistakable Italian design.
    Our machines are highly efficient, enabling faster cleaning activities that save time and reduce water and detergent consumption.
Our values

At TSM, we believe in conducting business on a human-scale, guided by
principles that we share with our partners, suppliers, and customers.



We are convinced that empathy is the most effective way to build
relationships with our collaborators, customers, and suppliers.
By listening to them, we can identify unexplored opportunities and better
satisfy their needs. It is our shared objectives that motivate us.



TSM is part of our own environment. That is why we are committed
to create eco-friendly solutions that don’t create atmospheric nor
noise pollutions. Our machines are built to last because durability
is the first step for being green. We also have a special focus on
reducing both water waste and chemical overuse during cleaning tasks.



Our ambition to improve human work through
technology is powered by continuous innovation,
which is applied not only to the products but also
to the services offered to the customer.



Our experience in the production of equipment and
machinery for industrial and urban cleaning dates
back to our origins. Over five generations,
we have accumulated a heritage of knowledge
and expertise that has allowed us to be a part of
the evolution of the cleaning world.
We continue to develop cleaning products
with the same enthusiasm as always.



We grow every day, both in the volume of our
business and in the quality of the services we offer,
thanks to the dynamism of our team and the value
we recognize in teamwork.
Our history and managerial culture have allowed
us to develop a lean organization that enables us
to quickly adapt to customer needs and seize
market opportunities.


Every day, more and more users worldwide are choosing TSM electric machines because of the exceptional ratio between high performance and operating costs. Moreover, in addition to being extremely easy to use, they are ecologically sustainable as they do not emit any CO2. Currently, all TSM cleaning lines are present in over 84 countries worldwide through a growing network of distributors who believe in TSM products, designed and built with the "Made in Italy" quality.
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