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Who We are

We manufacture cleaning machines since 5 generations with the same enthusiasm as ever.


We imagined the future of the cleaning sector investing constantly in the research and development of electric solutions, that were unique and with a distinctive character in the market.


A long journey has led us to design and produce a wide range of scrubber driers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners and single disk machines. An identity that becomes strategy, passion and commitment to create strong and long lasting relationships with our dealers. 
Ancient roots, mentality opened to changes, and eyes fixed on the future play a significant role for our steady growth.


Our success is determined by transparency, the speed of reaction to customer requests and the passion that characterizes our team, together with the constant desire to overcome ourselves, trying to anticipate trends with high performing machines that have an unmistakably Italian design. We believe in long term cooperation with our dealers, overcoming the supplier-customer relationship, pushing us towards closer win-win partnerships that allow us to develop unique solutions that respond to real cleaning needs dictated by the market.

Today we resell TSM (acronym for Technological Systems by Moro) cleaning equipment in more than 60 countries worldwide, through a growing network of importers, who believe in the product designed and developed in Italy. By Italians.

The ambitious target that we have set ourselves and that we are pursuing is to be recognized as a market leader in the electric cleaning machines, considered innovative and user friendly, that make tasks and life easier.

Product Development

The research of new solutions and the customer care are our strengths SIMPLE, MECHANICAL, AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE and TOUGH. All our products are designed and refined to be SMART. A personal principle we believe in that we have developed over time to ensure our customers not just unique products, but solutions to be offered to a market which is becoming everyday more eager.

We develop completely mechanical cleaning machines, with an unmistakably Italian design, whose use is intuitive for users, and which guarantees the dealers rapid maintenance, in order to preserve longevity and high performance.

We also maintain the interchangeability of the components between the different product versions, with the ultimate goal of reducing the investments of our distributors. Our growth is based on the team working and on proactive collaborations with both suppliers and dealers, which allow us to develop products that really respond to new trends and market demands. The family’s knowledge and experience have merged into an approach of "lean business", reflected both in new ideas and in a flexible company structure aimed at high standards, reducing lead time to market. Our entire production is located in Fiume Veneto in the northeast of Italy, in the same territory which tells the passion, the knowledge and the achievements of a dynasty of manufacturers of industrial and urban cleaning machines, which lasts since 5 generations.

Research and Development

Since the beginning, we imagined the green future of the professional cleaning sector, investing continuously in the research and development of cleaning machines that were not only with ZERO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, but easily identifiable in the market for their extreme ease of use also, guaranteeing high performance of cleaning.
Each product, within both the indoor and outdoor portfolio, is a demonstration of our attention to the requests coming from the market and thanks to the close collaboration with our dealers we are able to decline in solutions and technical features that make our machines unique.
We annually invest more than 10% of the total turnover for the development of new solutions to be presented to our customers, which focused on simplicity, high performance, and respect for the environment, also involving the user in a responsible use of resources.
In particular, in addition to the common lines of products for the industrial and commercial cleaning, we have developed the innovative Ecoray® system integrated with our Grande Brio scrubber-dryers, which not only allows scrubbing and drying the floor, but also sanitizing it without additional chemicals, eliminating bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and molds completely through an ultraviolet ray system.

The UV system works autonomously and without the operator changes his habits in the use of a common autoscrubber. It is sufficient to activate the brush to simultaneously turn on the sanitizing function with the Ecoray® system.
The Ecoray® system is a totally ecological and safe solution for the operator, and is particularly interesting in hospitals and food industry environments, as it allows to break down more than 98% of the bacterial load of the surface to be treated, reducing costs and time related to cleaning.
In our constant research for innovative and eco-friendly solutions, we have also launched an entire line of fully electric road cleaning machines, therefore with Zero Environmental Impact because they do not release harmful emissions, anticipating the today needs dictated by a world that is increasingly looking to protect the environment and people's quality of life by reducing pollutants and C02 emissions in the air. All our municipal cleaning vehicles have been designed to guarantee at least one complete working shift before recharging batteries, and with the other aim to eliminate the maintenance that is usually required for the common street sweepers. A real demonstration of our commitment to the environment are the electric urban sweeper TSM Itala 135 and the street litter vacuum cleaner TSM Aria 240, which both include innovative solutions. The compact mechanical-suction sweeper TSM Itala 135 is designed to work in compact and crowded areas where the ordinary urban sweepers can’t work due to their size, weight and noisiness.

The great advantage of Itala 135 is based on its maneuverability and quietness, allowing to work in complete autonomy and at any time of day, without disturbing the public peace. TSM Itala 135 is defined also an electric sidewalk sweeper with the operator walking behind, or alternatively with the addition of the trolley it offers the possibility to the operator to stand or ride on for long cleaning tasks.
Complementary products is the TSM Aria 240, the first electric municipal vacuum cleaner with the automatic filter cleaning system installed on board, which allows to reduce the times related to the its maintenance. The others suction machines in the market need the operator to extract and remove the dust from the filter to guarantee the suction performance, forcing the operator to stop his cleaning tasks. With the revolutionary automatic cleaning system of the vacuum cleaner TSM Aria 240, the operator can continue his cleaning activities without having to constantly worry about cleaning the dust from the filter. The TSM Aria 240, with a timed frequency, puffs a jet of air through the filter to free it from the dirt accumulated during use, allowing the operator to avoid stopping repeatedly during the day.
On the same municipal vacuum cleaner in addition to the innovative filter cleaning system, we have created a mechanical system that supports the suction hose for the operator, which not only facilitates the movements during the functions, but also eliminates any curves from the hose, so that the suction is always effective and powerful, even with heavier and bulky waste.
In 2018 we took another step forward, officially launching on the market TSM AriaMatic, the revolutionary and first automatic-driven urban vacuum, 100% electric, able to follow the operator's movements, offering absolute versatility and working autonomy, passing with a click from a manual to the semi-automatic cleaning. The sensors that TSM AriaMatic is equipped with detect obstacles and people, ensuring the safety not only of the operator but of the people and things that surround him in the environment also.
To the operator remains therefore the sole task of directing the suction hose to the waste and TSM AriaMatic will promptly follow its operator. With TSM AriaMatic the productivity is increased by consequently reducing operating and labor costs, making the work of the operator even lighter.With these solutions we want to place ourselves at the forefront of the most attentive actors in the use of new eco-friendly technological solutions to be used in the professional cleaning sector.
Each of our zero emissions municipal cleaning equipment, contain cutting-edge technical solutions. The primary objective is to reduce the operator's efforts during prolonged cleaning activities, and to be able to professionally clean sidewalks, city centers, tourist and industrial centers with solutions that are with zero environmental impact.

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