Cleaning trolleys for WILLMOP

The cleaning trolleys are professional equipment that can be modulated accordingly to the needs of cleaning companies to look after different sites and projects.
Our production of multipurpose trolleys is designed to facilitate the various cleaning activities, responding to all specific needs, from professional cleaning with service trolleys for room service to logistic trolleys for transporting tools to each site.


Can hotel floor scrubber carts be customized?

Yes, carts designed for room service are customizable based on their size and can even accommodate the vertical floor scrubber WILLMOP. There is a single-door cart called CARRY light for the WILLMOP 35 model and CARRY, the double-door version for the WILLMOP 50 model. Depending on the chosen size, you can customize the types of compartments, adjustable shelves, and other desired accessories to optimize operational efficiency and linen management in hotel environments.

What is the main purpose of a service cart for Willmop?

The main purpose of a service cart for the WILLMOP floor scrubber is to have a professional cleaning station always at hand. The storage system for the WILLMOP, known as Willcarry, simplifies and speeds up cleaning operations in hotel rooms, providing a dedicated space to store the WILLMOP and the necessary accessories during its use. There are also other types of carts such as the WILLSTEP, useful for overcoming curbs and stairs, and the WILLGO cart with the same utility, but with additional compartments for transporting various cleaning equipment.