Sidewalk sweepers

Street sweepers are machine that cleans external surfaces, by brushes rotation.
We offer a compact electric sweepers line that are also called mini electric sweepers or electric sidewalk sweepers. In fact, thanks to their simplicity of use and extreme handling, they have been made not only for cleaning sidewalks, historic centers, parking lots, garden and parks but also for industrial contexts. The dirt is collected by means of a central brush which flows the waste into a container or into a convenient collection bag. The electric sweepers of our production are equipped with a compartment for installing large batteries to ensure a sweeping autonomy of even more than 12 hours.
Both petrol and electric powered road sweepers are equipped with a powerful filtering system that guarantees a total filtration of PM10 fine dust, even in the absence of water, releasing only clean air into the environment.
These street cleaning machines are suitable for sweeping different types of surfaces such as concrete, resilient materials, asphalt and even rubber floors, both indoors and outdoors.


How are sidewalks cleaned?

Sidewalk cleaning can be effectively achieved through a series of operations, including debris cleaning and collection, stain and crack removal, and garbage collection. TSM is dedicated to contributing to all of these activities efficiently and ecologically by using compact and practical urban electric street sweepers that simplify cleaning operations through a mechanical sweeping and suction action, along with a water nebulization system to eliminate fine dust.

How is the historic center cleaned?

Cleaning the historic center of a city requires a series of actions aimed at preserving and enhancing the cultural and architectural heritage, ensuring safety for residents’ movement, and maintaining a clean and welcoming appearance in outdoor areas. It is essential to clear narrow streets, squares, and sidewalks of garbage and dirt that could obstruct the passage of vehicles and pedestrians or damage important historical monuments and buildings. TSM’s electric street sweepers are a valuable support for the maintenance of historic centers and operate with total respect for the environment and safety, guaranteeing silent deep cleaning without harmful emissions.

Why is ITALA 135 the best electric mini street sweeper for street cleaning?

ITALA 135 is the best electric mini street sweeper for street cleaning due to its versatility, compact size, performance, and ease of use, making it the ideal solution not only for urban cleaning but also for industrial environments. It is suitable for sweeping a variety of surfaces, from asphalt to rubber floors, both indoors and outdoors. Dirt collection is carried out by a central brush that directs debris into a special container. Thanks to the suction tube and the practical accessories it is equipped with, it can also collect bulky material.

Why choose an electric street sweeper?

Using an electric street sweeper offers several advantages: 

  • Environmental Sustainability: Electric street sweepers operate using electric motors and, therefore, do not emit harmful exhaust gases into the atmosphere, contributing to reducing air pollution.
  • Lower Noise Impact: Unlike internal combustion engine street sweepers, electric sweepers do not generate noise.
  • Energy Efficiency: Electric motors provide good cleaning power with lower energy consumption.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Electricity is usually more cost-effective than fuel, and maintenance costs are lower and simpler compared to internal combustion engines.
  • Versatility: Electric street sweepers allow for use in areas with limited traffic, such as sidewalks, historic centers, and squares.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Electric street sweepers often comply with environmental regulations and emissions restrictions imposed by local authorities.
  • Greater Autonomy: Rechargeable batteries offer sufficient autonomy to operate beyond the standard work shift with a single recharge.