Sidewalk sweepers

Street sweepers are machine that cleans external surfaces, by brushes rotation.
We offer a compact electric sweepers line that are also called mini electric sweepers or electric sidewalk sweepers. In fact, thanks to their simplicity of use and extreme handling, they have been made not only for cleaning sidewalks, historic centers, parking lots, garden and parks but also for industrial contexts. The dirt is collected by means of a central brush which flows the waste into a container or into a convenient collection bag. The electric sweepers of our production are equipped with a compartment for installing large batteries to ensure a sweeping autonomy of even more than 12 hours.
Both petrol and electric powered road sweepers are equipped with a powerful filtering system that guarantees a total filtration of PM10 fine dust, even in the absence of water, releasing only clean air into the environment.
These street cleaning machines are suitable for sweeping different types of surfaces such as concrete, resilient materials, asphalt and even rubber floors, both indoors and outdoors.