What is an injection and extraction machine for cleaning?

It is a type of vacuum cleaner used for cleaning fabrics, carpets, and upholstered surfaces. It is suitable for domestic environments, hotels, restaurants, offices, and is a useful tool for professional cleaning services. The cleaning process involves three stages:

  • Injection: The machine sprays a specific cleaning solution onto the fabric to be cleaned. This solution often contains detergents and warm or lukewarm water.
  • Soaking: After the injection of the cleaning solution, the machine allows the liquid to penetrate the fabric fibers and soften dirt or stains.
  • Extraction: Subsequently, the machine sucks up the dirty solution along with the dirt, stains, and residues from the fabric surface. This extraction process is carried out using suction.

What are carpet cleaners used for?

These machines are specifically designed for washing carpets and rugs to preserve their appearance and lifespan over time. Their action not only removes dirt and stains but also dust and any other allergens, leaving the fabric clean and fresh and improving indoor air quality.