Steam generators

Steam generators are cleaning and sanitizing machines that use steam to dissolve dirt, clean in depth and sanitize surfaces at high temperatures.

The water inserted inside the tank of the machinery is heated by means of a boiler and transformed into steam. The steam is then expelled through the lance.


What is a steam cleaning machine?

It is a device suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces such as floors, walls, fabrics, and furniture. By using high-temperature steam, they remove dirt, germs, and bacteria, providing deep cleaning without the use of aggressive chemical detergents and ensuring faster drying compared to traditional cleaning methods.

In which environments are steam generators used?

Steam generators can be used in both domestic and industrial or commercial settings. The sectors where they are most commonly used include: 

  • Food industry: they are used for cleaning and disinfecting food production equipment and surfaces.
  • Hospitals: they are used for the disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment and surgical instruments.
  • Industrial cleaning: they are used to clean machinery and surfaces in production environments, warehouses, and facilities.
  • Automotive sector: they are used for interior cleaning of vehicles and mechanical parts.
  • Household cleaning: they are used for cleaning floors, tiles, carpets, windows, etc.
  • Pools and SPAs: they are used in saunas and Turkish baths.
  • Textile industry: they are used for fabric ironing.
  • Agriculture sector: they are used to sterilize equipment and production environments.

What are the advantages of using steam machines?

  • Eco-friendly cleaning, as they do not require the use of chemical detergents.
  • Effective disinfection and reduction of allergens, made possible by the high temperature of the steam, capable of killing germs and bacteria.
  • Time and energy savings, thanks to the steam’s action, which replaces the waiting time for detergent action and their subsequent rinsing.
  • Effective removal of stains and odors, thanks to the heat of the steam.
  • Versatility in use due to interchangeable accessories for various cleaning tasks.
  • Quick drying due to the rapid condensation and dispersion of steam.
  • Prolongation of the life and quality of surfaces.
  • Long-term cost savings.