Street orderly barrows

Street orderly barrows are multipurpose tools used for the maintenance of green areas and crowded spaces.

The operator carries out cleaning operations, from the collection and the segregation of different waste inside bins to look after the street cleaning around shopping and town centres or busy pedestrian areas.

In addition to the trolleys for the collection of urban waste, we have also included sanitation vehicles, such as the “Sanispray” version: instead of the bins to collect the waste, this machine has been equipped with tanks of water and disinfectant and a lance to nebulize the liquid on the areas to be sanitized, reaching even the confined spaces that otherwise would have to be treated promptly using sprayer.


How to Improve Solid Waste Collection in My Municipality?

To improve solid waste collection in your municipality, you might consider using the CUBO 180 urban waste collection carts. These versatile tools are effective in managing waste in congested urban areas. Operators can use the carts to collect and separate different types of waste, helping to keep the streets clean near shops, historic centers, or busy pedestrian zones.

Additionally, you could evaluate the option of sanitation waste collection vehicles like the CUBO SANISPRAY version. This machine is equipped with water and disinfectant tanks, as well as a lance to spray the liquid on surfaces that require sanitation. This solution is ideal for sanitizing urban areas, including tight spaces, contributing to maintaining a cleaner and safer environment for your municipality’s residents and visitors.