The sweepers are industrial cleaning machines which, by the rotating movement of the brushes, collect the dirt from the floor depositing it in a dedicated container.
There are models of walk-behind sweepers and ride-on sweepers. In the first case, the operator walks behind the machine, and drives it by means of a handle and manual controls; in the case of man-on-board sweepers the operator is seated and drives using the steering wheel and foot controls.
Our production of industrial sweepers also differs in the type of the power supply. There are in fact sweepers powered by an internal combustion engine, diesel or petrol, or battery-powered with zero emissions.


What is a sweeper?

A sweeper is a machine designed for cleaning both indoor and outdoor environments by collecting debris, dust, and dirt in a dedicated container.

How does a sweeper work?

Sweepers that use rotating brushes to lift and collect debris from the floor are called “mechanical sweepers” because the dirt collection is mechanical in nature. “Suction sweepers,” on the other hand, gather waste using a suction motor. The dirt is then collected in an integrated container.

TSM offers both mechanical sweepers and mechanical-suction sweepers. Contact our sales team for assistance in determining which solution best suits your needs.

In which environments can sweepers be used?

Sweepers are suitable for a wide range of environments, whether they are industrial settings such as warehouses, logistics centers, shopping malls, or urban environments including parking lots, streets, bike paths, parks, gardens, and much more.

What types of surfaces can be effectively cleaned with TSM sweepers?

TSM sweepers are suitable for concrete, asphalt, tile, and other hard surfaces, ensuring efficient cleaning.

What types of power sources are available for professional sweepers?

TSM has always been committed to developing environmentally friendly cleaning machines, offering fully electric cleaning solutions that meet any need.

Are there technical differences between gasoline or diesel-powered sweepers and electric sweepers?

TSM cleaning machines are entirely electric and are so efficient and high-performing that they have technically surpassed outdated gasoline or diesel engine cleaning solutions. Potentially, solutions with internal combustion engines can provide continuous use, but they also represent a more costly investment than electric machines, as they require continuous specialized maintenance and are not eco-friendly solutions.

Electric sweepers come with numerous advantages, including being quiet and usable in any setting and at any time of day. They are eco-friendly and require limited maintenance compared to outdated solutions with internal combustion engines.