Vacuum cleaners

Professional vacuum cleaners are cleaning machines which, through a suction system, remove different types of residues such as dust, liquids or debris from any surfaces.
The professional industrial vacuum cleaner, powered by electricity, creates a vacuum capable of sucking up dust, liquids and debris. These residues are accumulated inside the collection drum and a filtration system prevents any dust from escaping from the machine.
Vacuum cleaners, also referred to as “Dry”, are capable of sucking up from smal to large particles of the dry dirt not mixed with liquid substances.
Whereas the “Wet & Dry” vacuum cleaners can suck up liquids of various kinds, or particles mixed with liquid substances.


What is the purpose of a professional vacuum cleaner?

A professional vacuum cleaner is a machine designed for industrial and professional cleaning. It is used to efficiently and effectively remove dust, debris, liquids, and other waste from surfaces and work environments.

What are the available models of professional vacuum cleaners?

We offer a wide range of models of professional vacuum cleaners, each with specific features to meet various needs. You can find dry vacuum cleaners, wet vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, and more, suitable for various sectors and applications. To learn about the specific models available, we invite you to consult our catalog or contact us for personalized advice. We are here to help you find the professional vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.