Street vacuum cleaners

Urban vacuums are ecological vehicles for the urban hygiene that collect any litter such as bottles, leaves, cans, cigarette butts, animal excrement, etc.

They are equipped with a powerful suction motor whose power can be controlled by the operator according to the heaviness of the waste to be sucked. In this way, if the dirt were not very heavy, the use of suction would be at a minimum to preserve the battery autonomy.

Our production of electric urban vacuum cleaners is equipped with a powerful powerful PM10 fine particle filtration system placed vertically, which guarantees long performance and a continuous release of clean air into the environment.
The substantial difference between ARIA and ARIAMATIC models stands on the electric traction. Whereas the street vacuum ARIA 240 works like the common self-propelled electric vacuum cleaners, whose traction is controlled by the operator through the front steering lever, the ARIAMATIC 240 is the first electric urban vacuum autonomous driving on the market able to follow the operator independently.


How can I clean the urban center of a city?

Sometimes, urban centers in cities can accumulate waste such as cans, papers, cigarette butts, and even small animal excrement, which can give an unhealthy image of the environment. Street cleaning machines by TSM have been specifically developed for the care of historical centers, parks, and gardens, and thanks to their performance and autonomy, they are also used in large industrial and commercial complexes.

How are green spaces in a city cleaned?

Cleaning green spaces, such as public parks and gardens, is an important process to keep these areas aesthetically pleasing, safe, and welcoming for the local community. There are many operations to be carried out to achieve this goal, including the removal of plants, branches, dry leaves, cleaning and maintenance of paved areas and benches, maintenance of urban furniture, waste collection, and disinfection against insects and parasites. TSM is committed to contributing to all of these activities efficiently and ecologically through various solutions. For example, the multi-utility cart CUBO 180 allows for waste collection and separation that can be found in the city. The electric street vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 easily and quickly collects urban waste in a 240-liter wheeled bin. The electric mini sweeper ITALA 135 is used for cleaning sidewalks and restricted traffic areas (ZTL). All our cleaning solutions are completely electric and do not emit harmful substances into the environment.

What are street sweepers?

They are machines designed for the cleaning of streets, sidewalks, and public areas to ensure that pedestrian areas remain clean and safe. They are equipped with a collection system and a suction hose for various types of waste and dirt (such as bottles, dry leaves, paper, cans), and they can be easily maneuvered in urban settings thanks to electric traction.

What are the professional street sweeper models produced by TSM?

TSM offers various models and versions of professional street sweepers, which are used according to specific needs and the type of waste to be collected. We recommend reviewing the different models or directly contacting one of our sales representatives, who will assist you in identifying the right solution for your needs.

What is the difference between a street vacuum cleaner and a street sweeper?

Both our electric street vacuum cleaners, ARIA 240, and the electric street sweepers from the ITALA 135 line are equipped with suction and sanitation systems that allow them to free the streets and green areas not only from waste like cans, papers, bags, and small plastics but also from feces and cigarette butts, reducing dust and deodorizing the surrounding environment. The main differences between one model and the other relate to how they operate and the type of waste they can handle. The ARIA 240 street vacuum cleaner uses a suction system to collect the material, which is then deposited in a standard 240-liter wheeled bin. It is suitable for cleaning light materials and is used to keep sidewalks and other urban surfaces clean from debris and waste that could obstruct the path of citizens and residents. The ITALA 135 street sweeper sweeps and collects waste and debris using rotating brushes. With the help of the suction hose it is equipped with, it can clean even hard-to-reach corners. Like the vacuum cleaner, it is used to keep urban areas clean and safe but is more suitable for the collection of heavier materials.

What are the available power sources for urban vacuum cleaners?

TSM offers urban vacuum cleaners with electric motors that do not emit harmful emissions into the environment and require less maintenance compared to solutions with internal combustion engines. The autonomy depends on the capacity of the selected battery.

What are the advantages of using an electric street vacuum cleaner in the urban center?

  • Environmental Sustainability: Electric street vacuum cleaners operate using electric motors and therefore do not emit harmful exhaust gases into the atmosphere, reducing air pollution.
  • Lower Noise Impact: Electric vacuum cleaners are quieter compared to those powered by internal combustion engines.
  • Energy Efficiency: Electric motors provide good cleaning power with lower energy consumption.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Electricity is often cheaper than fuel, and maintenance costs are reduced, making it simpler compared to engines with internal combustion.
  • Versatility: Electric street vacuum cleaners can be used in urban areas of various sizes, including parks, sidewalks, squares, and other public areas.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Electric vacuum cleaners are often in line with environmental regulations and emission restrictions imposed by local authorities.
  • Greater Autonomy: Rechargeable batteries provide sufficient autonomy to operate for several hours and cover large areas.

What kind of waste can be collected with the electric street vacuum cleaner?

The electric street vacuum cleaner allows for the collection of thin leaves and branches, dust, debris, paper, cigarette butts, stones, organic waste (food scraps or animal feces), and waste.

Can I use the street vacuum cleaner in an industrial setting?

Yes, the street vacuum cleaner can be used in commercial and industrial settings if the nature of the operations and materials present in the environment allows for it and if its use complies with local and federal regulations. The electric vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning outdoor areas such as parking lots, courtyards, and internal roads and is effective for the collection of small and lightweight materials such as dry leaves, packaging waste, paper, bags, or light production debris like fiberglass, metal shavings, or plastic. However, in the case of heavy or hazardous materials, extremely dirty environments, or liquid or muddy waste, it is advisable to opt for the use of dedicated machines.