09 June 2021
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Cleaning in the workplace: Something that should never be underestimate

How a clean workspace can boost productivity
Cleaning in the workplace: Something that should never be underestimate


Dirty floors and cluttered environments: it’s a common thing to see this type of workplace. But this circumstance, unfortunately, can cause great problems, not only to workers, risking falls and injuries, but can also affect quality production, because avoiding a clean workspace, not only brings a dirty environment but also lead to unhealthy conditions of work for everyone.
Maintaining cleanliness and organization in these types of situations creates healthier labor conditions for employees but also tends to help companies become more efficient and productive. It’s suggested that maintaining an organized working environment increases the professionalism and motivation of who is working, directly boosting productivity by taking pride in their work.
By providing a systematic framework for organization and cleanliness, the 5S Methodology helps companies avoid lost productivity from messy and dirty environments.


The 5S methodology is one of the TPM tools – Total Quality Management – an approach that through the use of quality and management tools, aims to increase business and decrease losses due to wasteful practices.
First originated in Japan, precisely by the japanese engineer Hiroyuki Hirano and explained in his book “5 pillars of the Visual Workplace“, the method is meant to reduce manufacturing waste and inefficiencies. It improves workplace efficiency and eliminates waste, and helps to build a quality work environment.
The 5S quality tool is derived from five Japanese terms beginning with the letter “S”:

  • Seiri – Eliminate whatever is not needed by separating needed tools from unneeded materials
  • Seiton – Organize whatever remains by neatly arranging and identifying parts and tools for ease of use
  • Seiso – Clean the work area efficiently.
  • Seiketsu – Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Shitsuke – Make 5S a way of life by forming the habit of always following the first four S’s.

The application of this 5S methodology allows better usage of time, a clean and organized work environment that induces heightened employee morale and increased productivity.


The implementation of the 5s method in the workspace coupled with the use of cleaning machines that provide the required cleaning standards is the perfect combo to create an environment where quality of work is comfortable, clean, and safe. Our upright scrubber dryer Willmop 50 and the range of the scrubber dryer machines Grande Brio are the most suitable solution for these types of needs.

Traditional tools such as mop and bucket are cleaning equipment with low investment but that do not meet the required cleaning needs. Ensuring the highest quality standards of cleaning environments by intervening quickly and effectively is no more a problem with the upright scrubber dryer Willmop 50. The professional scrubber dryer Willmop 50 is calibrated to the needs of operators, offers exceptional performance in a short time:

  • washing and drying in a single pass, greatly reducing the duration of cleaning tasks;
  • zero effort during the entire cleaning session thanks to its flexibility of use.

Features that guarantee a high standard of hygiene are also included in the range of scrubber dryer Grande Brio. In small or large size, according to the needs required, these industrial floor scrubbers provide high cleaning performance for the workplace environment:

  • they are so intuitive that no training is required;
  • due to their compact shape, these floor scrubber dryers can reach even the most insidious corners, avoiding wasted time which involves cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Cleanliness and organization play a primary role in work environments. A clean and sanitized workspace signifies a high level of professionalism. By keeping the work environment clean, you ensure the healthy and efficiency of your employees, consequently increasing the level of productivity and quality of work.

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