13 May 2021
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Cleanliness and sales in commercial activities: something related?

Cleanliness and sales in commercial activities: something related?


Imagine walking into a store and immediately noticing dirty floors and dust on corners and surfaces, the first thought that comes to mind is: Run away from this place.
This is because cleanliness in stores has a huge impact on the customer’s shopping experience, even more than customer service itself.
From the very first impression, cleanliness induces customer loyalty, determines their willingness to buy, and, most importantly, their return to the store. What appears in a customer’s eyes is a direct reflection of your brand and nothing makes a customer happier than buying in a clean space.


However, cleanliness in stores is not just an “external” issue. Clean and unobstructed spaces guarantee the safety and health of customers while they are in the store.
A poorly cleaned shop, with unpleasant smells, dirty floors, and dirty trolleys – in the case of a supermarket – poses considerable risks to the health of shoppers.
Very often accidents happen in public spaces where the hygienic standards established by law are not guaranteed, thus bringing to the trader problems related to justice and the health of the injured customer.
All business owners (and not only) are required to ensure their foreign spaces from hazards that could pose a danger to the well-being of people and their safety.
People prefer to visit stores that put their health first, thus providing clean and comfortable areas.
The key to cleanliness in all businesses is to find cleaning solutions that provide the required standards of cleanliness in the shortest possible time and without disrupting people’s shopping experience.


Our line of scrubber dryers Grande Brio is the right cleaning solution able to guarantee efficient cleaning on small, medium, or large surfaces thanks to its versatility of use.
The divison of scrubber dryers Grande Brio is composed of walk-behind models Grande Brio 35, 45 , 50 and 55 and the ride-on versions Grande Brio 75 and 145, to meet the needs of every type of space.

The walk-behind scrubber-dryers Grande Brio 35, 45, and 55 are suitable for small spaces thanks to their compactness and maneuverability, that they allow them to clean perfectly not only on accessible surfaces but also in narrow spaces such as corners and along walls.
In addition, the lightness of these machines permits easy movement from one environment to another.

We find the same features in the ride-on Grande Brio 75 and 145, cleaning solutions that offer freedom of movement in crowded and confined spaces such as commercial environments.
The design of these cleaning machines guarantees ease and speed of maintenance since cleaning equipment is used daily and it is important to maintain maximum efficiency in the long term, having easy access to the recovery filter, recovery tank, brushes, and finally squeegee blades.
These cleaning solutions allow you to work in busy spaces without disturbing people thanks to the soundproofing from the noise that guarantees its silence during the entire cleaning process.

It is necessary to guarantee through the use of appropriate cleaning machines the established standards of hygiene, ensuring not only the customer’s shopping experience but in particular its safety.

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