08 January 2021
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Street sweeper Itala 135 keeps Fiume Veneto clean

Fiume Veneto choses TSM to clean its downtown
Street sweeper Itala 135 keeps Fiume Veneto clean

Another municipality has decided to equip itself with the Itala 135 mechanical-suction road sweeper!

The new eco-friendly road sweeper Itala 135 for cleaning pedestrian areas has arrived in Fiume Veneto (Italy).
This electric street sweeper leads to a substantial reduction in maintenance costs, as it is totally electric and without hydraulic circuits. The municipal service that will be activated precisely involves the use of an electric street machine capable of silently cleaning sidewalks, pedestrian areas and litter bins without any CO2 emissions into the air. In addition to the normal sweeping cycle, the cleaning machine simultaneously carries out a sanitation cycle of the road surface, thus avoiding the lifting of fine dust during maintenance activities.
This innovative electric street sweeper also allow to sanitize the baskets thanks to a jet of pressurized water spray; Itala 135 will clean the sidewalks and pedestrian areas of the historic center and those streets with greater traffic.


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