05 March 2021
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Introducing Tools line

Introducing Tools line

Cleaning indoor environments, whether big or small areas, several times a day and in short time is an indispensable prerogative for cleaning operators.
Spaces such as offices, shopping malls or gyms, are exposed to continuous influx of people, cleaning and sanitizing activities are essential to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety.
Especially in today’s times of pandemic, it’s fundamental to proceed immediately with the sanitation of surfaces, the crucial areas where the virus spread.
Traditional tools such as mop and bucket are cleaning equipment with low investment but that do not meet the required needs.
The daily challenge of cleaning companies is to ensure the highest quality standards of cleaning environments by intervening quickly and effectively.
With that on mind the new Tools line born, and it includes:

  • Willmop 50 upright scrubber dryer machine, the compactest and lightest on the market, designed to clean areas of different sizes;
  • Willgo cleaning trolley, which allows easy movement of cleaning tools along with the Willmop 50 professional scrubber dryer;
  • Willstep stairlift trolley that can easily overcome obstacles, including steps.

For crowded spaces, one hand is enough.

The Willmop 50 upright scrubber dryer, is calibrated to the needs of operators, offers exceptional performance in a short time, washing and drying in a single pass, greatly reducing the duration of cleaning tasks and without requiring any effort thanks to its flexibility of use.
Willmop 50 professional scrubber dryer is silent, an essential requirement in environments such as hospitals or nursing homes where it’s essential to limit the amount of noise.

The tools of your mobile workshop.

Cleaning tools, such as baskets and brooms, are also always at hand thanks to the Willgo cleaning trolley, which features a section on which the Willmop 50 can be laid while moving around, ensuring order throughout the cleaning session.
The contexts of use of the Willmop 50 upright scrubber dryer can have numerous obstacles, such as steps, making the operator’s cleaning phase complex.
By using the practical Willstep stairlift trolley, the transport of the Willmop 50 upright scrubber dryer is easier, also allowing it to be moved over several floors, avoiding the physical effort that moving it by hand can entail.


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