15 January 2021
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TSM rewards its employees

TSM rewards its employees
TSM rewards its employees

Despite the Covid affected life and the worldwide economy, TSM managed to close the economic balance in a positive way increasing sales, which is why the company decided to allocate a reward of 30.000 euro for its collaborators.
«We had to rethink the business dynamics – confirms our president Gianpietro Moro – as the challenges we used to face will be even more complicated in the near future we are about to live.»
As entrepreneurs we took important risks, but we haven’t been the only ones: each of our collaborators ensured and keep providing their own contribution, often drawing on unexpected energy and resources.
In TSM there is a sense of belonging to an extended family, and the human component is the basis of the overall company business. Only thanks to everyone the company is able to face and overcome difficulties that weekly emerge, that’s why we decided to reward each collaborator for its commitment.
Despite the overall challenging situation, TSM ensures to carry on its investments on research and development and th eservice to our worldwide customers.



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