26 February 2021
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Waste vacuum cleaner Ariamatic 240 keeps Bassano del Grappa clean

The autonomous and 100% electric waste vacuum cleaner Ariamatic will clean the historic city centre
Waste vacuum cleaner Ariamatic 240 keeps Bassano del Grappa clean

The new TSM’s waste vacuum cleaner will go into service in the historic centre of Bassano del Grappa, in the province of Vicenza in Italy will help the city’s ecological operators to keep the municipal public spaces clean.
The revolutionary electric urban vacuum cleaner Ariamatic not only replaces traditional mechanical sweeping methods, but has also been designed to facilitate cleaning activities, as it is able to recognise the operator and move independently. In fact, through its sensors, it detects fixed and mobile obstacles, including people, ensuring the safety not only of the worker but also of the environment in which it is used and making cleaning more ergonomic, efficient and less burdensome.


Ariamatic electric waste vacuum cleaners have zero environmental impact, causing no noise pollution as they are extremely quiet and retaining fine dust thanks to a double filtration system, which instead emits clean air into the environment.
The double speed suction hose with which it is equipped, sucks up all the common waste that is typically found in a city centre, including cigarette butts, papers and litter, cans and bottles, glass and confetti, as well as dog waste, and in addition, by means of a nebulising system, sanitises the surrounding environment, such as benches and litter bins.
The urban vacuum cleaner Ariamatic, equipped with an on-board filter cleaning system, saves the operator a lot of time, less effort and more comfort, ensuring safety and hygiene.
The powerful vacuum cleaner Ariamatic will be used mainly in the pavements and pedestrian areas of the town centre and in those of the neighbouring streets with the highest traffic volumes.



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