26 March 2021

The human side of cleaning

The human component at the heart of our cleaning machines
The human side of cleaning

Our human vision.

The human component is an element that has always been part of our journey and now it has become integral part of our corporate vision.
It isn’t the technological trend that guides us, but how we can create gratification for our customers through our solutions. It’s the careful study of the people that leads us to be what we are.
People are the heart of our cleaning technologies and this is the reason our solutions are customers user-friendly.
We believe that the greatest satisfaction for people is to find pleasure and simplicity in everyday work.

Cleaning machines are available to everyone.

We meet people’s needs.
We make them feel comfortable with our cleaning machines, making the cleaning experience a unique one.
Through our machines, we have mechanized the concept of cleaning.
We have given a new face to cleaning, making cleaning sessions for the operator more effective but at the same time even easier.

Our machines meet everyone’s needs.

The mechanization of cleaning operations with professional machines allow you to save time and make the surfaces usable instantly.
Our vertical scrubber dryer Willmop 50 represents a new concept in cleaning.
The professional scrubber dryer Willmop 50 has been designed to measure up to man and to facilitate his work. Thanks to its lightness and manageability, the upright scrubber dryer Willmop 50 is able to ensure zero effort along the entire cleaning session.

Features that meet human needs are also present in our industrial scrubber dryers Grande Brio line, which includes the walk-behind autoscrubbers Grande Brio 35, 45, 50, 55 and the ride on versions Grande Brio 75 and 145.
The simplicity of use of the walk-behind cleaning machines is represented by:

  •  friendly controls on the handlebars;
  •  mechanical squeegees lifting;
  •  mechanical water adjustments;
  •  maximum visibility on scrubbing decks.

Simplicity and intuitiveness are also featured in our ride on scrubbers, where you can find:

  • mechanical lifting of the squeegees and scrubber groups;
  • electric brakes;
  • easy brush installation.

Just like our industrial cleaning machines, even our municipal vehicles bring simplicity of use to the environmental cleaning.
Our street orderly barrows, urban vacuum cleaners and sidewalk sweepers are silent, because they are fully electric cleaning machines, and they are so intuitive than no driving license is required!

It is important not to underestimate the value of simplicity of use of cleaning machines because it influences the final results by improving efficiency.



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