22 July 2021
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Choosing the correct cleaning pads for your scrubber dryer

Choosing the correct cleaning pads for your scrubber dryer


Floor cleaning and maintenance are important in any environment because it’s not just about removing dust, dirt, and stains but it’s about creating a solid and professional impression of the building.
But we all know that cleaning different floors requires the use of different solutions: cleaning a smooth and shiny floor that needs specific care is not like cleaning rustic or porous surfaces, such as those typical of industrial environments.
This is why, in the cleaning industry, additional components of industrial cleaning equipment are critical for the final results and one of them are floor pads. They are versatile cleaning tools, useful to strip, polish, buff and scrub your floors effectively, having a decisive effect on the cleaning result.


Not only the cleaning machines but also the proper use of the pads applied to them are crucial to achieving the appropriate cleanliness of the floors. For this reason, it’s essential to use the right pad to get outstanding results.
But, what is the specific task of the pads? The applications of these tools are different:

  • They renovate old dirty floors and make them shine again;
  • They remove dust during the daily cleaning routine;
  • Least but not last, they polish floors.

The choice of pads is the key to get the required results in an effective way: Choosing the right pad will ensure that you get the expected results with maximum productivity, saving time and money. On the other hand, a bad choice of the pad will translate into a waste of time or product, or worse, can ruin our floor.


All floor pads have different intentions and not all pads should be used with every type of floor because each cleaning process and type of floor requires a certain pad. Therefore, our scrubber dryer Willmop 50 and the Grande Brio range offers different pads crafted for specific cleaning tasks, such as cleaning, scrubbing, stripping, buffing, or polishing.
Each pad is color-coded for the required cleaning task that have to be complete. The different colors allow to characterize the coarseness of the pad, the job task intent of the pad, as well as helping the cleaning operators to be able to individualize the color pad that should be used for the job task they have to complete.

The range of pads are:

  • Microfiber Pad – The microfiber pads are able to penetrate the microporous surface of the stone tiles removing any extraneous particles.

  • White Pad – Are the softest floor pad you can choose from and are great for daily tasks. These pads are primarily intended to be used on a dry floor to restore a finish.

  • Red Pad – The red pads remove light scuff marks and dirt while producing a sparkling finish and shine. Utilized with water and a floor care cleaning solution, a red floor care pad can be utilized for everyday cleaning, as well as some heavy duty cleaning tasks.

  • Blue Pad – Utilized with water and a floor care cleaning solution, the blue pads are used to remove deep scuff marks, clean tough dirt stains, or spills on floor finish, and in some instances as a shower scrubbing floor care pads or stripping pads.

  • Brown Pad – Brown pads are used for stripping duties and they can be used either wet or dry.

  • Black Pad – Black pads are the standard stripping pads, for heavy duty wet stripping of emusion polish. They completely remove finish, sealer, waxes and dirt so you can refinish your floor.

  • Melanine Pad – These type of pads are excellent for deep cleaning of safety flooring that allow to save cleaning time.


Selecting the proper pad is one important part of a successful floor care program. Make sure you’re providing to your cleaning machine and floor the right pad, in order to save time and money by getting the best possible cleaning result.


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