19 March 2020
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Introducing TSM Cubomatic Infinity trolley

TSM Cubomatic 180 becomes “infinity”
Introducing TSM Cubomatic Infinity trolley

From today, Cubomatic 180 trolley can be also available with “endless” bags on board: the “Infinity” version is equipped with innovative packaging applications for a better working environment for users.

TSM CUBOMATIC INFINITY represents a new way to collect the waste: the bins are replaced by extremely thin and strong 3-layer polyethylene bags that contains as much litter as the user wants. This innovative system mounted on the Infinity version is:

  • Efficient because the next clean bag is always at disposal and in the right position = saving time.
  • Hygienic because the bag is replaced and sealed from the outside = no contact with the trash.

But…How it works?

  1. The bag cassette is sealed at one end with a cable tie. Once the “bag” starts to fill up, you just pull it down and new material is drawn from the cassette to make the bag longer.
  2. To make a new bag, pull the material down and seal it at the top with a cable tie.
  3. Add another cable tie above the first one and cut the bag material off between the two cable ties.

The entire process takes less than 30 seconds!


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