28 May 2018
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Introducing the first autonomous driven urban vacuum, Ariamatic 240

The revolutionary and only self-driving vacuum cleaner
Introducing the first autonomous driven urban vacuum, Ariamatic 240

We took another step forward, officially launching on the market:  TSM Ariamatic 240, the revolutionary and first autonomous-driven urban vacuum, 100% electric, able to follow the operator’s movements, offering absolute versatility and working autonomy, passing with a click from a manual to the semi-automatic cleaning. The sensors that TSM Ariamatic 240 is equipped with detect obstacles and people, ensuring the safety not only of the operator but of the people and things that surround him in the environment also.
To the operator remains therefore the sole task of directing the suction hose to the waste and TSM Ariamatic 240 will promptly follow its operator.
With TSM Ariamatic 240 the productivity is increased by consequently reducing operating and labor costs, making the work of the operator even lighter.
With these solutions TSM is at the forefront of the most attentive actors in the use of new eco-friendly technological solutions to be used in the professional cleaning sector.

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