28 June 2022



The world population has grown exponentially in the last century and it is expected to reach around 8.9 billion in 2050, 70% of which, will be in urban areas.

To be prepared for such growth, Municipalities are now required to invest their resources in new strategies that guarantee a safer, healthier and eco-friendlier environment that will last in time.

One of the priorities is to have infrastructures that comply with the new standards for the air quality improvement.

In particular, a city air pollution level is in part affected by service vehicles activities, such as Street Cleaning equipment.

TSM all-electric cleaning equipment will guarantee that the Street Cleaning process is performed without any Air Pollution… this will be the first step for the transformation of your municipality into a Smart City. 

In many cities, the cleaning of streets and pedestrian areas is either carried out by a large number of people or bulky vehicles, generating noise, CO2 and high maintenance costs.

An effective and quick action that Municipalities can take, is the integration of 100% electric urban sweepers and vacuum cleaners to clean their streets. Immediately, they will benefit of the following:

  • Make cleaning tasks exponentially easier
  • Eliminate any Co2 emission.
  • Eliminate any dust expulsion. (thanks to special filters)
  • Extremely decrease the noise of the cleaning operation. (avoiding disturbances in residential areas)
  • Reduce the number of operators needed.
  • Improve the worker conditions and general safety.

TSM urban electric cleaning solutions are built to delivery best performances, while providing an ergonomic design to be completely human-friendly.

Urban vacuums ARIA 240 are ecological vehicles for the urban hygiene designed for the collection of bottles, leaves, cans, cigarette butts, animal excrement, etc.

They feature an extremely efficient PM10 fine particle filtration system positioned vertically, which guarantees that clean air only is released into the environment.

Also available in the version ARIAMATIC 240: the first and only electric urban vacuum with autonomous driving available on the market. The machine will follow the operator independently and continuously.

ARIA 240

The ITALA 135 electric sidewalk sweeper has been designed for cleaning city centers, sidewalks, pedestrian areas and parks. It is very compact, easy to maneuver (even with one hand) and does not require any driving licenses.

The machine can move easily between benches and trees and, with the dedicated chariot, you can comfortably drive it for long stretches from one area to another.


Caring for the quality of the air in cities is one of the many actions that must be carried out to transform our Municipalities into Smart Cities, but ultimately one of the most relevant and key for health and the environment so that its citizens have the best quality life possible and enjoy the city to the fullest.

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