08 April 2021

What does Cobotics mean for the future of cleaning industry?

The role of Artificial Intelligence in cleaning industry
What does Cobotics mean for the future of cleaning industry?


The crisis caused by Covid 19 has forced cleaning operators to provide higher levels of service to minimize the spread of the virus.
At the same time, cleaning companies have the responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of cleaning staff.
The essential key to improve levels of performance and servicing but at the same time to ensure the safety of those working in the cleaning industry is Cobotics.
Collaborative robots, better known as Cobots: the word itself says it all. This brand new artificial technology creates a closer collaboration between humans and machines, leveraging the strengths of both.
The aim of these Cobots is to automate a large range of tasks and perform work, releasing operators from dangerous and repetitive tasks and allowing the operators to focus on more valuable and satisfying activities.

The benefits of Cobots are easy to understand:

  • They perform dangerous tasks safely and quickly;
  • they never stop learning thanks to their Artificial Intelligence, leading production to high quality standards;
  • they move autonomously thanks to their sensors that detect human presence or obstacles.


A common automation myth is that cobots will destroy jobs, but this is an unfounded claim.
Despite their intelligence and automation, Cobots are not replacing human workers but rather affects positively employment.
In fact, using Cobots in industrial settings may enable a company to open the door to jobs that require different skill sets and often, better-paying than they replace.
Human skills are key to most jobs: personell performing operations and maintanance of the machine remains essential because no machine can replace the critical thinking, decision making and creativity of humans.
The collaboration between human and cobots increases satisfaction, efficiency and productivity by build cleaner, more hygienic environments and better working experiences for all.




The firsts of its kind, the robotic street orderly barrow Cubomatic and waste vacuum cleaner Ariamatic are products for a future-facing cleaning industry.
With the Follow Me system, the innovative autonomous driving system that identifies and automatically follows the operator wherever they pick up waste, Cubomatic 180 is the first and only autonomously guided trolley on the market for the collection of municipal waste.
Same as Cubomatic, the first and only self-driving street vacuum cleaner Ariamatic 240, thanks to its Follow-Me systems, increases productivity while reducing strain on the operator.

By standing in front of the sensors and with the click of a single button, the street orderly barrow CUBOMATIC 180 and the waste vacuum cleaner Ariamatic will:

  • recognize you as the operator and begin to follow during the entire cleaning session;
  • avoid fixed and mobile obstacles, guaranteeing the safety of the machine and those around it.



Autonomous cleaning machines can be of significant use when your aim is to deliver more consistent results while simultaneously allowing staff to work on tasks that otherwise might get skipped due to a lack of time.


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