21 February 2020
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The importance of park maintenance

Why park maintenance matters
The importance of park maintenance

Parks are all around us. They can be vast natural areas of thousands of square miles or as small as a few square feet.
From the traditional type of park with playground equipment, benches, walking paths or bike lines, to a more subtle style with natural scenery and protected areas for wildlife and nature, parks are a crucial part of any good community or city.
One of the most important features of a good park is cleanliness. No matter how big a park is, it requires regular attention to keep it in tip-top shape for your enjoyment.
Park maintenance is imperative for a number of reasons. One of the most important ones is safety, especially when leaves get wet, they become much slicker than you may realize, which could lead to slips and falls.

Whether for parking lots, roads, stadiums, playgrounds, downtown improvement districts, municipalities, cement plants, or any other paved areas, TSM has the outdoor cleaning equipment to solve your cleaning problem.
With the fully electric sidewalksweeper Itala 135 you can save fuel, lower CO2 emissions, and clean in comfort.
This walk-behind or used as a ride on sweeper offer maximum versatility and simple controls for increased ease of operation and the cleaner:

✔ Easily cleans in tight spaces and around obstacles,

✔ Operates comfortably and safely with 4-wheel,

✔ Doesn’t annoy people while sweeping.

Furthermore  Itala 135  is equipped with a wander hose, litter picker and broom to refine the cleaning task allowing the operator to reach narrow corners and difficult spaces in general like flower beds and outlines benches.

Parks are a tangible reflection of the quality of life in a community, don’t overlook them.


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