In this uncertain historical moment, in which our work activities are severely tested and daily normality has been turned upside down, we made an analysis of the company path taken so far.
We have made a long and complex journey, and in these moments of suspended time, we reflected on our identity and our added value for the customer.
In 20 years we included new skills, our product offers increased, the technologies evolved, but the element that has always identified us is the proximity between us and those who come into contact with us. What we think makes the difference is the attention we pay to People.

This business vision concerned about human beings shines through the relationships we establish every day with our employees, suppliers and customers.
The human component is so important to us that it is the basis of all our designs. Solutions that, although contain the latest technological discovery, are made available to everyone. It isn’t the technological trend that guides us, but how we can create gratification for our customers through our solutions. It’s the careful study of the People that leads us to be what we are. Today as then, this value is carried forward naturally. It never changed.

To make sure that the human element is even more central in our proposition, we decided to make it inextricably linked to our brand, with the creation of a new pay-off:


"The human side of cleaning"

in which the importance that is given to the person emerges strongly, without any distinction between collaborators, suppliers, customers and users of our machines.
We then decided to go one step further, and to revolutionize the company image.
The rebranding of TSM leads not only to a stylistic makeover of the logo, but also to the adoption of the orange color in all the product lines and in the brand itself: a synthesis that expresses the energy, creativity and enthusiasm that have always identified us.
The new logo, consisting of essential lines and elongated geometries, represents our dynamism and projection towards the future.

TSM new logo

The values of innovation, simplicity and humanity of our company remain the same as always. We, who are part of TSM, work to transfer these values into our products. Now more than ever we are aware that behind our machines there are the people who make them unique.
In the following weeks we will introduce new TSM brand style guidelines and templates for various assets that build out the new visual identity of the brand. In the meantime, check out our News section or Linkedin Page and keep your eye out for exciting things to come!

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