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TSM CUBO 120 SANISPRAY is the sanitizer vehicle that transports 120 Lt (expandable to 150 Lt) of disinfectant to reach even the narrow spaces which otherwise should be treated punctually by backpack sprayer systems.
Its 100% electric functions that do not generate noise or exhaust gas, combined with its compact size and extreme maneuverability, make Cubo 120 Sanispray not only suitable for outdoor use for sanitizing streets, sidewalks, benches, garden furniture, rubbish bins, it can be used inside schools, hospitals, airports and supermarkets.

How it works?

Once the water and sanitizing liquid has been loaded on the Cubomatic 120 Sanispray, then simply vaporize by directing the lance on the surface to be sanitized. Cubo 120 Sanispray is compatible with all types of disinfectants.

By adding the nozzle bar installed on the rear of the machine, you spray the disinfectant automatically and evenly over the 100 cm sanitisation track, leaving the surface sanitized.


Sanitizer tank capacity


Detergent autonomy

~ 3:00 h:min

Battery autonomy

~ 5:00 h:min

Supply Battery 24 V
Traction Elettrica
Total power 500 W
Battery charger 8 A/h
Max battery capacity (DIN) 47 (Agm) Ah/5
Maximum slope 20 %
Maximum speed 6 km/h
Steering range 1500 mm
Brake Elettrico
Noise level 45 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1400x630x1140 mm
Weight without batteries 90 kg
Packaging (LxWxH) 1200x800x1590 mm

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