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Whether it's shopping malls, supermarkets, airports or railway stations, we all want to
shop and move in a clean and well-tended environment. In such crowded contexts,
where dirt can be persistent, it is necessary to carry out cleaning activities with regularity
throughout the day in order to guarantee the well-being and safety of customers, giving
them a pleasant experience.
The ride-on scrubber-dryer GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 145 is the largest in the range
by volume of water and cleaning track. With a working time-span of more than 4 hours,
it also maintains the compactness and agility of the smaller versions. Soundproofing from
noises allows you to work in congested spaces even during the day, without causing any disturbance.

The ride-on scrubber dryer Grande Brio Ride On 145 is perfect for

How it works

1. Tipper tanks

They open and tilt easily, for convenient inspection and cleaning.

2. Double recharge

To refill water both from the cap and from the removable hose.

3. Non marking wheels

They don’t leave marks on the floor even if wet.

4. Squeege

Set behind the brush. the squeegee follows bends without leaving splashes.

5. Brush positioning

Slightly external to the machine body, to facilitate cleaning along the walls.

6. Compact size

Its dimensions are smaller than many competitors.

7. Functional design

Attractive lines of the seat, designed to offer maximum visibility on the brushes.

8. Intuitive console

Easy to use, it doesn’t require any training. It also has an integrated hour-usage counter.

9. Circuits in safety

They are well protected to avoid any water infiltration.

10. Extreme manoeuvrability

Makes turns in its own space, in less than 160 cm.

11. Scrubbing pressure

The unit cleans with 60 kg of constant pressure on the floor.


Improve maneuverability,
Yields efficiency.

We balanced the compact dimensions of RIDE ON 145 taking into account the operational
spaces and overall ergonomics. The front wheel drive is able to perform U-turns on itself, together
with the streamlined design guaranteeing freedom of movement for both the operator and machine, especially between surface obstacles.

Time is

We have equipped RIDE ON 145 with a double system for loading the water, in order to reduce the time taken for this task: the rear loading cap and the
convenient extendable side tube, which can be connected directly to the water tap.

Single frame,
different customizations.

RIDE ON 145 is available in two versions, with the classic disc brushes that can cover cleaning bands of 85 and 100 cm for a truly versatile use of the machine.
If necessary, you can replace the brushes with the pads, available in various colours depending on the surface to which they are to be applied.

Grande Brio
Ride On 145

The largest ride – on scrubber dryer

in the Grande Brio range

in terms of  water volume

and cleaning path.

Water saving.

We locate the nozzles in front of the brushes, to obtain a uniform water flow. This choice also ensures that the entire surface of the brushes or pads is wetted, while avoiding splashes of water caused by their rotation. The squeegee, placed after the passage of the brushes, has a parabolic shape that follows the movements of the machine in a fluid and
precise way, ensuring impeccable drying.

Your safety

RIDE ON 145 is equipped with all the safety devices to ensure you work in total safety, including the automatic parking brake in case of slopes, the flashing light, the emergency stop, the reverse buzzer and the horn.
And to work at night, RIDE ON 145 can also be equipped with LED headlights.

pit stop.

All parts that require daily maintenance have been designed to be easy to access and quick to clean.
The brush can be removed with a half turn, while no tools are needed to check and remove the squeegee and the water filter.

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Big ride-on scrubber dryers

Grande Brio Ride On 145 - 850

Ride-on scrubber-dryer
85 cm cleaning path
battery powered

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Big ride-on scrubber dryers

Grande Brio Ride On 145 - 1000

Ride-on scrubber-dryer
100 cm cleaning path
battery powered

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