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Big ride-on sweepers

Durasweep 130

Overcome the effort
of cleaning large spaces.

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There is only one way to ensure that large spaces are cleaned effectively
and that is to become extremely efficient. This is why it is important to
rely on the right equipment to automatically clean large surface areas
with great ease. The DURASWEEP 130 sweeper can be used in the
parking lots of shopping centres, airports, railway stations, and in any
other meeting place that requires a clean and wellkept environment.

The ride-on sweeper Durasweep 130 is perfect for

How it works

1. Automatic unloading

The collection bin is emptied high up for easy dispersal into waste bins.

2. Bag filter

This ensures a large filtering surface.

3. Electrowelded frame

Robust and reliable construction to last a long time.

4. Pedal flap

Facilitates the easy collection of dirt.

5. Control lever

Ergonomic and anti-vibration for brushes management.

6. Work lights

Powerful lights for
working at night.

7. Parking brake

With pedal to park on medium gradient slopes.

8. Frontal driving wheel

Improves the turning radius in tight spaces.


Everything under control.

The DURASWEEP 130 control panel is easy, intuitive and all functions can be controlled directly from the driving position.
The seat is placed strategically so the driver can see the front brush which gives good visibility on the work area. This helps with precision work when cleaning flush with the wall.

Convenient unloading.

The emptying of the collection bin is managed directly from the control panel. You can decide whether to empty the dirt at ground level or higher up directly into
waste bins.

Record pit stop.

All parts that require daily maintenance have been designed for easy access and quick cleaning. The
batteries under the hood are easily accessible.
The central brush can be removed without the use of tools once the side panel has been removed.
To remove the front brush, simply unscrew a hand wheel.

Choose the machine version
Big ride-on sweepers

Durasweep 130 S

Ride-on sweeper
130 cm cleaning path
gasoline operated

Product details
Big ride-on sweepers

Durasweep 130 B

Ride-on sweeper
130 cm cleaning path
battery operated

Product details
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