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Compact ride-on scrubber dryers

Grande Brio Ride On 75

Even agility
it's a performance.

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Shopping centres, hospitals, supermarkets, sports centres and all large meeting spaces in general
present us with complex cleaning challenges: surfaces rich in obstacles, reduced spaces for manoeuvre
and, higher standards to be maintained. This is where our research and development of an agile and
compact cleaning machine with innovative characteristics begins.
The compact GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75 scrubber dryer born from the proven need to replace
the bulky walk-behind scrubber-dryers. A lean solution, which offers you several advantages: economy
of cost and use, comfortable and ergonomic use to lighten the workload and, the overall operating
size restricted within the machine body only; all without compromising on performance and quality.

The ride-on scrubber dryer Grande Brio Ride On 75 is perfect for

How it works

1. Tipper tanks

They open and tilt easily, for convenient inspection and cleaning.

2. Circuits in safety

They are well protected to avoid any water infiltration.

3. Non marking wheels

They don’t leave marks on the floor even if wet.

4. Scrub and dry

Set behind the brush. the squeegee follows bends without leaving splashes.

5. Scrub with a click

They install easily and allow you to clean even along the walls..

6. Functional design

Attractive lines of the seat, designed to offer maximum comfort during use.

7. Intuitive console

Easy to use, it doesn’t require any training. It also has an integrated hour-usage counter.

8. Manual adjustments

With one hand you lift squeegee and scrubbing deck.

9. Extreme manoeuvrability

Makes turns in its own space, goes through doorways and, uses the elevator.

10. Steel frame

Tanks mounted on a robust, impactresistant steel frame.

11. Versatile configurations

Available with different cleaning widths, with disc or roller brushes.


Improve maneuverability,
Yields efficiency.

We balanced the compact dimensions of RIDE ON 75 taking into account the operational spaces and overall ergonomics.
The front wheel drive is able to perform U-turns on itself, together with the streamlined design guaranteeing freedom of movement for both
the operator and machine, especially between surface obstacles.

Go where
the others stop.

The innovative arrangement of the brushes ensures complete visibility on the scrubbing deck, both on the left and right sides; above all, you reach those areas inaccessible for other machines: corners and flush with the wall.

Single frame,
different customizations.

RIDE ON 75 is available with different cleaning widths, with disc brushes (interchangeable with pads) or with
roller brushes. The latter provides a pre-sweeping action to collect small solid residues into a hopper that can be removed for emptying. By adding front brushes, you can also improve performance flush to the wall.

Grande Brio
Ride On 75

A compact cleaning machine,

without any compromise

with respect to performance.

Water saving.

We locate the nozzles in front of the brushes, to obtain a uniform water flow. This choice also ensures that the entire surface of the brushes or pads is wetted, while avoiding splashes of water caused by their rotation. The squeegee, placed after the passage of the brushes, has a parabolic shape that follows the movements of the machine in a fluid and
precise way, ensuring impeccable drying.

Become operational
in zero time.

To adjust the water flow, simply open or close the lever located on the footplate. The scrubbing deck and the squeegee are raised by independent levers, and you can activate them
with the related switches on the console. These are mechanical solutions, designed to make RIDE ON 75 a simple and intuitive machine, which doesn’t require too many explanations.

pit stop.

All parts that require daily maintenance have been designed to be easy to access and quick to clean. The brush can be removed by pushing downwards, while
no tools are needed to check and remove the squeegee and the water filter.

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Grande Brio Ride On 75 - 650 Ecoray

We have a common goal:
your health is important to us.

In hospitals, operating theatres and nursing homes,
where people’s lives depend on a sterile environment,
it has become increasingly indispensable to resort to
sanitization systems which guarantee higher cleaning
We have mounted a system of UV-C rays on the
RIDE ON 75, turning it into the Ecoray version, the
only scrubber dryer that cleans and disinfects floors
without the use of harmful chemicals..

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Compact ride-on scrubber dryers

Grande Brio Ride On 75 - 550

Ride-on scrubber-dryer
55 cm cleaning path
battery powered

Product details
Compact ride-on scrubber dryers

Grande Brio Ride On 75 - 650

Ride-on scrubber-dryer
65 cm cleaning path
battery powered

Product details
Compact ride-on scrubber dryers

Grande Brio Ride On 75 - 650 Ecoray

Ride-on scrubber-dryer
65 cm cleaning path
Ecoray System
and battery powered

Product details
Compact ride-on scrubber dryers

Grande Brio Ride On 75 - 800

Ride-on scrubber-dryer
80 cm cleaning path
battery powered

Product details
Compact ride-on scrubber dryers

Grande Brio Ride On 75 - C62

Ride-on scrubber-dryer
62 cm cleaning path
battery powered

Product details
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