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Currently, one of the main challenges in the field of public area maintenance is to improve the quality of life for citizens while making the city more appealing to visitors. This goal requires ensuring safety and well-being for all, without neglecting the need to preserve resources and the environment.

To address these challenges proactively, we have decided to make continuous investments in research and development. The result of these efforts is the innovative 100% electric ARIA 120 vacuum cleaner designed for municipal and industrial waste collection. The name itself evokes its extraordinary uniqueness in the industry.

Compared to traditional manual cleaning tools, the ARIA 120 proves significantly more efficient. This device allows you to vacuum a wide range of waste along the way, ranging from cigarette butts to water bottles and dog waste. It is also able to reach even the most hidden and hard-to-access corners, ensuring complete cleanliness of public areas.


The compact 100% electric street vacuum cleaner Aria 120 is perfect for

How it works

1. Liquid spray function

To remove dust, deodorize, disinfect and prevent self-combustion.

2. Tool kit

Broom and litter picker for handling larger waste.

3. Bag compartment

Integrated bag compartment to ensure the continuity of cleaning activities throughout the day.

4. On-board charger

To recharge batteries wherever you are.

5. Glove compartment

Lockable glove box to protect your personal belongings.

6. Intuitive console

With integrated hour meter, simple to use without any training.

7. Sanification kit

A complete sanitation solution.

8. Control steering

Pull to move forward, push to move backward.

9. Working light

Powerful front and red lighting for working at night.

10. Safety devices

Fire extinguisher, flashing lights, reverse buzzer, parking brake.


Guaranteed safety and hygiene.

Aria 120 is equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out waste collection safely. The waste sucked in through
the suction hose, is collected into the disposable bag inside the 120L bin. The water nozzle inside the bin allows both
dust abatement and scenting. With the water lance on the side, surface sanitizing operations can be carried out.

Compact and light.

The small size allows the Aria 120 to move easily in any environment, whether it is the crowded city center or an industrial site with narrow aisles. Its agility and maneuverability enable to reach even the most hidden dirt.

In harmony with the environment.

Aria 120 is distinguished by its fully electric supply, which does not produce harmful gases and annoying noise. This gives you full access to down towns and pedestrian areas, even in crowded situations, because the machine does not create any harassment.

Aria 120

The 100% electric compact waste vacuum cleaner

for the collection of

urban and industrial waste.

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ARIA 240 is the larger model of electric vacuum cleaner, with four wheels and a collection capacity of 240L. It is available in HYDRO version, with medium-pressure lance for removing encrusted dirt and 60L water tank, and in SUPER version, with mechanical suction hose support and automatic filter cleaning system.

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Compact street vacuum cleaners

Aria 120

Electric compact waste vacuum cleaner
urban and industrial waste collection

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