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Duravac Dry Quiet 21

The dust has
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The common enemy for all environments, from work spaces to domestic is dust,
which inevitably settles not only in the most visible places but also in the
most hard to reach corners.
The DRY QUIET 21 vacuum cleaner with a modern functional design is the
solution to combat dust and ensure the correct cleaning of hard floors and
carpets in hotels, offices, and homes.

Duravac Dry Quiet 21 is the perfect cleaning machine for


How it works

1. Cable holder hook

Integrated on the body to wind the power cable around.

2. Non-marking wheels

These leave no marks.

3. Ergonomic handle

For easy and convenient transport.

4. Quick connection

Quick bayonet fittings for quick connections of the suction hose.


Customized for you.

Depending on the job at hand, the vacuum cleaner is easily customised by choosing from a wide range of accessories to ensure maximum cleaning. On DRY QUIET 21 they are easily on hand once placed on the suction tube.

Details makes the

Once the job is finished, store the vacuum cleaner by wrapping the power cord in the space provided.
By doing this, the cable will always be serviceable without tangles and the DRY QUIET 21 vacuum cleaner will be ready for use.

Duravac White Dry 21

Duravac White Dry 21

Clean rooms such as hospital rooms, chemical and electronic
laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, are environments that
have specific hygienic-sanitary needs. This ensures the controlled
maintenance of suspended particles in the air.
The purpose of clean rooms is to limit contamination. It is essential
for the correct maintenance of these areas that sanitation is carried
out constantly using suitable cleaning tools.
The WHITE DRY 21 is the vacuum cleaner developed specifically to
meet these high standards.

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Dry vacuum cleaners

Duravac Dry Quiet 21

Dry vacuum cleaner
21 L

Product details
Dry vacuum cleaners

Duravac White Dry 21

Dry vacuum cleaner
21 L

Product details
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