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The areas where your intervention is required are often not easy to access
and require various movements of tools with sometimes even heavy loads.
WILLGO is your mobile cleaning workshop that allows you to easily move
the tools around cleaning together with the Willmop 50 and Willmop 35 vertical scrubber dryer,
reducing transport times. WILLSTEP is a practical stairlift trolley that allows
easy moving Willmop on several floors, avoiding the effort of lifting it.

The logistic trolleys Willgo & Willstep are perfect for

How it works

1. Ergonomic handle

They ensure a secure grip and maximum comfort.

2. Extra accessories

Support to house the mop.

3. Extra Willpower on board

Space dedicated to housing an extra battery, to ensure infinite work cycles (24/7).

4. Multi-surface wheels

They allow you to easily transport Willmop on any surface.

5. Danger sign

To report the condition of the slippery floor to the public.

6. Space at will

Inside the buckets you can house the cleaning accessories (detergents, sprays, microfibre cloths ..).


Everything under control.

Order and overview save time and deliver
a highly professional presentation. The accessories and
consumables (sprayers, detergents, cloths and wipes)
are stored in a clear and orderly way.

WILLGO also allows you to have your own floor cleaner
vertical Willmop always with you and ready for use.

Enhance your experience.

You will be able to work longer without worrying about interrupting
your cleaning tasks to charge your floor cleaner
vertical Willmop.

We have set up a housing on WILLGO, which you
will allow you to place an extra charged battery for
continue your work.

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Willstep 50

more effort.

The cleaning operations of crowded areas
such as commercial areas, institutions
public and private, and hotel contexts are
put to the test by the presence of annoying
steps and flights of stairs, which make the job
tiring, slow and sometimes undermine your safety.

There is no need to go up and down
endless stairs to carry your upright scrubber dryer.

With WILLSTEP 50 you can bring Willmop 50 in
various operating environments, without the stairs being
a problem. The two wheels rest on the
base of the step, making the ascent and descent
of the stairs more agile and light.

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