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Durasweep 375 – 477

Say farewell to
the broom and dustpan

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In small-sized areas such as workshops, office spaces, warehouses and service stations,
fast cleaning is often required to keep the rooms clean from different types of accumulated dirt.
The range of manual sweepers 375 - 477 replaces the broom and dustpan as
they remove dust and debris in a single pass. These sweepers even remove cans and crumpled plastic bottles.

The manual sweeper Durasweep 375 - 477 is perfect for

How it works

1. Ergonomic handle

Adjustable for comfort and efficient work.

2. Collection bin

Easily removable and can be emptied quickly.

3. Internal wheels.

Small footprint to for easy transport and cleaning along the walls.

4. Adjustable pressure

Turning the lever increase or decreases the brush pressure.

5. Dust filter

The front brushes are equipped with a filter to reduce the lifting and distribution of dust.

6. Non-motorised brushes

They move the debris straight to the collection bin.


Always professional.

The collection system is based on front counterrotating brushes that guarantee great machine
performance. Collecting leaves, cans, paper, cigarette butts and dust is made easy.
You can adjust the level of cleanliness by adjusting the pressure of the front brushes on the ground.

Operational in no time.

The brushes are activated simply by pushing the machine forward and the dirt is moved directly into the collection bin without spreading dust.

Record pit stop.

Once the collection bin is full, it is quick and easy to empty without needing tools.
No maintenance is required to continue cleaning.

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Manual sweepers

Durasweep 375 /477

Manual sweeper
cleaning path 55cm

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