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Duravac Dry Quiet 11

Discreet and powerful
-essential in hotels.

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A vacuum cleaner is an indispensable tool for cleaning rooms and common areas in a hotel.
In addition to being powerful, a vacuum cleaner must be as quiet and discreet as possible
in order to provide guests with a tranquil environment.
The DRY QUIET 11 is the ideal solution for hotel use - from small local hotels to large chains.
It combines high performance and low consumption (energy class A) with excellent soundproofing.

The professional vacuum cleaner Duravac Dry Quiet 11 is perfect for

How it works

1. Integrated accessories space

To have the range of tools handy depending on the surface to be cleaned.

2. Power on

Pedal on / off button. The warning light warns when the filter is clogged.

3. Non-marking wheels

The large wheels leave no marks. These wheels ensure easy transport, even on stairs.

4. Ergonomic handle

For easy and convenient transport.

5. Quick connection

Bayonet fittings for quick connections of the suction hose.


No more extra effort.

The ergonomic design ensures minimum effort especially in confined spaces. The large rear wheels allow quick and easy transport from one room to another as well as on
They also keep the DRY QUIET 11 in a vertical position when cleaning stairs.

Customized for you.

The accessories of the vacuum cleaner are designed to clean hard-to-reach spaces. On the DRY QUIET 11, they are always at hand for practical and quick use.
Once the work is completed, store the vacuum cleaner order by wrapping the power cord in the space provided on the machine.

makes the difference.

The DRY QUIET 11 can accommodate up to 11 L of dirt which is collected inside the bag filter which is inside the drum.
When the bag is full, the indicator light located on the base of the machine lights up indicating that it is time to change it.
It is easy to unclip the hooks of the machine head and replace the bag.

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Professional vacuum cleaners

Duravac Dry Quiet 11

Dry vacuum cleaner
11 L

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Professional vacuum cleaners

Duravac Dry Quiet 11 B

Dry vacuum cleaner
11 L
battery powered

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