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Hygiene in hospitals, retirement homes, schools and hotels is a

topic of great interest to the public since the risk of infections is high,

which is why professional and safe cleaning solutions are required.

We have developed the WILLCARRY serving trolley as a kit
complete with cleaning to guarantee high performance and

efficiency during your activities. Thanks to the perfect integration with

the support for Willmop 50, you will have your vertical scrubber always

at provision to ensure professional cleaning in all environments.

Willcarry is the perfect cleaning machine for


How it works

1. Handle push

The anodized aluminum handles ensure a precise grip that is pleasant to touch.

2. Silent wheels with bumpers

Non-marking wheels provide incredible handling, even with heavy loads or on carpeting.

3. Large capacity

Equipped with doors that can be opened to 270° and with a key lock to guarantee maximum safety and hygiene.

4. Base for the Willmop 50

The stand allows the Willmop 50 to be carried to various locations.

5. Extra Willpower on board

Space dedicated to housing the charger and two extra batteries, guaranteeing extended working time.

6. Additional accessories

To house complementary accessories such as the mop and warning sign.


Everything under control

The order and it’s overview save time and offer a professional presentation.

The cart doors, which can be opened independently, allow you to protect and store all your equipment.
Shelves, drawers and bags can be organized and moved at any time to meet any of your needs.

Improve your experience

The WILLCARRY also allows you to take your Willmop 50 upright scrubber dryer into any environment where professional cleaning is required.

The Willmop 50 easily attaches to the cart base and, with a quick release, is immediately operational.

The base also has a space to house the charger, and two compartments for 2 extra batteries, which allow you to work with your Willmop 50 continuously.

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Easily transport
everything you need

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