Robotic sanitizer trolleys

Cubomatic Sanispray

We transformed our self driving vehicle Cubomatic 180 into a autonomous sanitizer trolley. Cubomatic Sanispray is a sanitizing robot, developed during the emergency of the COVID-19 . It is an electric cleaning machine able to recognize and follow automatically the operator, even in crowded areas such as the downtown. The Follow Me systemmounted on this sanitizing sprayer allows the user to concentrate exclusively on sanitizing benches, bus stops, charging stations for electric cars, etc. Cubomatic Sanipray in fact moves autonomously, avoiding fixed and mobile obstacles, but always remaining at a safe distance from the operator. This cleaning co-bot is extremely easy to use, just identify yourself before starting the cleaning shift and Cubomatic Sanispray will faithfully follow you in the city center. So it will be just a matter to collecte dirt and to sanitize benches, children's games, garbage cans and ashtrays.
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Cubomatic Sanispray

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    hopper capacity
    120 L

    Water autonomy
    ~5 h in continuous

    Working time
    ~5 h in continuous

    Technical data

    Main hopper capacity l 120
    Secondary bins capacity h ~ 5, in continuo
    Working time h ~ 5, in continuo
    Supply Batteria 24 V
    Traction Elettrica
    Total power W 500
    On board battery charger A/h 8
    Max battery capacity (Agm) Ah/5 (47)
    Water flow rate l/min 0,4
    Sanitizer flow rate l/min 0 – 0,03
    Pressure bar 2,8
    Drops sieze mm 0,070 – 0,21
    Hose max extension mt 1 – 5
    Max sanitizing thrown distance mt ~ 3
    Maximum gradient % 20
    Maximum speed Km/h 6
    Steering range mm 1500
    Brake Elettrico
    Noise level dB(A) 45
    Machine dimensions (L x l x h) mm 1400x630x1140
    Weight without batteries kg 90


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