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We have always wondered how we can make cleaning activities easier and more
efficient, eliminating the strain of carrying the cleaning tools and collected waste.
This is why we developed Follow Me, the innovative autonomous driving system
that identifies and automatically follows the operator wherever they pick up waste.
This is done in total safety even in crowded spaces. When equipped with the
Follow Me option, the 100% electric CUBO 180 litter trolley becomes the CUBOMATIC 180,
the first and only autonomously guided trolley for the collection of municipal waste.

The 100% electric robotic street orderly barrow Cubomatic 180 is perfect for

How it works

1. Tools kit

Broom, litter picker and shovel to collect waste.

2. Differentiated bins

Of three different colours allows for proper separation of collected waste.

3. Bag holder

An integrated compartment to ensure continued cleaning all day.

4. On board battery charger

To charge batteries whenever and wherever you want.

5. Scratch-proof floor

Made of stainless steel it resists wear & tear over time.

6. Intuitive console

With integrated hour meter, it is simple to use without any training.

7. Safety devices

Reverse buzzer, flashing lights, parking brake.

8. Glove compartment

To hold personal belongings.

9. Control Steering

It can be taken down when the Follow Me mode is in use.

10. Led front lights

Powerful front and rear lighting for working at any time of the day.

11. Sensors

They detect and avoid fixed and moving obstacles.

12. Three wheels

Wheels of the same size to easily travel over obstacles and sidewalks.


The vision of the future
from TSM.

With the Follow Me system we have developed cutting edge technology that is unique in the professional
cleaning sector.
By standing in front of the sensors and with the click of a single button, the CUBOMATIC 180 will recognize
you as the operator and begin to follow. The full set of sensors on the machine allows it to detect and avoid
fixed and mobile obstacles, guaranteeing the safety of the machine and those around it.

Zero efforts,
zero worries.

While collecting waste the street orderly barrow CUBOMATIC 180 remains one arm length away from you to allow you to ergonomically sort what you pick up.
If you need to control the cleaning trolley CUBOMATIC manually, you just maneuver the steering handle which automatically turns off the Follow Me system.

Your safety

Using the tools provided ensures that you will always be protected and avoid coming into contact with
hazardous waste.
When working at night, your safety and visibility are guaranteed by the flashing lights, front LED work light, rear red lights and buzzer.

Cubomatic 180

The essential tool

for separate waste collection

with autonomous driving system.

Get noticed!

The street cleaning trolley CUBOMATIC 180 can be equipped with a rear LED screen that can display photos and video for advertising.
This system is effective at informing citizens of your commitment to keeping the city clean with zero environmental impact, or to communicate upcoming events and shows that are happening in the City.

at your fingertips.

The on-board charger allows you to charge the batteries wherever you want to park the CUBOMATIC 180: just connect the unit to any 110V
electrical socket and you are charging! Once charging is complete, the smart charger automatically turns off the power, so you can leave the unit plugged in as long as you want.

In harmony with
the environment.

Thanks to its completely electric operation, which generates zero noise or emissions, the street cleaning barrow CUBOMATIC 180 is included among the Green Purchases or GPP
(Green Public Procurement). The silent operation allows you to clean litter in historic centers, pedestrian or restricted access areas, and at any
time of the day without disturbing the public.

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Cubomatic Infinity

An endless

After large public events where the area and volume of waste to be
collected is large, a single disposable garbage bag is not going to be
With the street cleaning trolley CUBOMATIC 180 INFINITY, we decided to let you choose the
size of the 3 different bag options available, allowing you to load waste
however you choose. The plastic containers are replaced by resistant
3-layer polyethylene bags which you can fill, seal and replace during
the day according to your waste collection needs.

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Robotic street orderly barrows

Cubomatic 180

Robotic street orderly barrow
for the urban maintenance

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Robotic street orderly barrows

Cubomatic Infinity

Robotic street orderly barrow
for the urban maintenance

Product details
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