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Robotic waste vacuum cleaners

Ariamatic 240

The urban litter vacuum
of the future.

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We have always wondered how we can make the cleaning of public
spaces more efficient and user friendly. The use of equipment to do
these tasks should increase productivity while reducing strain on the operator.
This is why we developed Follow Me, the innovative autonomous
driving system for the waste vacuum cleaner Aria 240. When turned
on, Follow Me system is able to identify and track the operator,
allowing the machine to follow him/her in total safety and even
in crowded areas. When equipped with the Follow Me system,
the Aria 240 electric vacuum cleaner evolves into the ARIAMATIC 240,
the first and only self-driving street vacuum cleaner in the world.

The robotic waste vacuum cleaners Ariamatic 240 is perfect for

How it works

1. Safety devices

Fire extinguisher, horn, reverse buzzer, reflectors, parking brake, automatic stop when hopper opened.

2. Liquid spray function

To remove dust, deodorize, disinfect and put out lit cigarette butts.

3. Liquid tank

30 Litre liquid tank to hold sanitizer for spray system.

4. Tool kit

Lockable glove compartment for phone & wallet. With broom, litter picker and bucket for large size waste items.

5. Bag holder

Integrated bag compartment to ensure continuous cleaning capabilities during the day

6. Scratch-proof floor

Made of stainless steel it resists wear & tear over time.

7. On board battery charger

To recharge batteries wherever you are.

8. Ergonomic joystick

Fingertip access to Turbo fan, horn and liquid spray controls.

9. Ultra light hose

Made of carbon fiber without weighing you down.

10. Spray system

Is activated by the joystick and is used to put out lit cigarette butts and sanitize.

11. Controlled steering

The manual control can be folded out of the way when Follow Me is in use.

12. Led front lights

For high visibility during night shifts.

13. Detection sensors

To avoid fixed and moving obstacles.

14. Four wheels

4 large and equally sized wheels reduce tipping risk, allow for “off-road” and curb climbing capabilities.


Our vision
of the future.

We have developed the cutting-edge Follow Me technology that is unique in the world of professional cleaning machines.
By standing in front of the sensors and with the click of a single button, the waste urban vacuum ARIAMATIC 240 will recognize you as the operator and begin to follow. The full set of sensors on the machine allows it to detect and avoid fixed and mobile obstacles, guaranteeing the safety of the machine and those around it.

A perfect combination of
cleaning and sanitization.

The 30 litre on-board liquid tank is capable of holding any type of cleaning or sanitizing product.
This tank feeds a double nozzle spray system: the first nozzle is at the tip of the suction pipe, and the second is located inside the collection bin.
The suction pipe nozzle allows you to put out lit cigarette butts or sanitize a surface after vacuuming animal waste, while the second nozzle helps to avoid combustion inside the bin, reduces dust and deodorizes.

More clean air
for you too.

The vertical filter retains PM10 fine particles and releases purified air into the atmosphere.
Its vertical position allows for the use of the entire surface area, a big improvement over horizontal filters
that are required to be rotated when clogged. With the waste vacuum cleaner ARIAMATIC 240 you reduce maintenance inefficiencies and take advantage of long work sessions at maximum performance.

Ariamatic 240

The 100% electric vacuum cleaner

for the collection of

urban and industrial waste

able to follow you.

Zero effort,
zero worries.

The waste vacuum cleaner ARIAMATIC 240 guarantees high operator comfort and ease of operation, freeing you from manually positioning the machine.
As the operator you will only have to focus your attention on finding areas to clean and only use your arms to direct the suction hose.

Details make
the difference.

The DRS system (Dirt Recognition System) warns you when to empty the collection bin once it reaches its maximum capacity, so you will have less waste of
In addition, with the Hydrojet system, you will have a pressurized water sprayer for sanitizing garden furniture, public benches or garbage cans.

In harmony with
the environment.

Thanks to its fully electric operation, the waste urban vacuum ARIAMATIC 240 is part of the Green Purchases with low environmental impact (GPP).
With zero emissions and low noise level you can work in crowded historic centres and pedestrian areas without disturbing the citizens.
This can be used to carry out work safely at any time.

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Ariamatic 240 Super


The waste vacuum cleaner ARIAMATIC 240 SUPER is equipped
with a mechanical arm to support the weight of the suction tube and
keep it extended in a straight line which facilitates the suction of larger items.
In addition, the innovative automatic cleaning system of the AIR BLAST
filter will continually purge the filter to avoid clogging.
With the supplied air gun, at the end of the day you can also finish
cleaning the filter and the whole machine.

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Robotic street vacuum cleaners

Ariamatic 240

Electric waste vacuum cleaner
urban and industrial waste collection
equipped with Follow Me system

Product details
Robotic street vacuum cleaners

Ariamatic 240 Super

Electric waste vacuum cleaner
urban and industrial waste collection
equipped with Follow Me system
and hose support

Product details
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