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The use of equipment to spray sanitizing agent on public surfaces plays an
important role in preventing the spread of infections. CUBO SANISPRAY
is a fully electric trolley designed to not only sanitize outdoor surfaces such as
benches, garden furniture or garbage cans, but indoor environments like schools, gyms and supermarkets.

The sanitizer trolley Cubo Sanispray is perfect for

How it works

1. Tools kit

Broom, litter picker and shovel to collect waste.

2. Separated chemicals

Depending on the surface that needs to be treated, you can use different chemicals.

3. On board charger

To easily recharge batteries wherever you are.

4. Liquid tank

120 L of liquid capacity that guarantee 3 hours of continuous spray time.

5. Safety devices

Reverse buzzer, flashing lights, parking brake.

6. Spray wand

With extensible hose up to 5 m.

7. Steering

Proportionally control the forward and reverse movements.

8. Glove compartment

To keep personal belongings.

9. Working lights

Powerful front and rear lighting for working at night.


Avoid back pain.

The sanitizer trolley CUBO SANISPRAY 180 allows you to work long hours without interruption and without straining your shoulders or back.
In addition to carrying 120L, you can bring additional detergents or buckets to collect debris you find on the road.
The compact dimensions allow you to pass between turnstiles at bus and train stations, as well as fitting into elevators to reach different floors of these stations.

Chemical saving.

Detergent mixing happens outside the water tank and can be precisely controlled at the control panel.
Adjustments can be made depending on the chemical used and the surface to be sanitized.
By disabling the use of detergent, the CUBO 180 SANISPRAY sanitizer trolley can be used to spray water into flower beds.

Energy at your fingertips.

The on-board charger allows you to charge the batteries wherever you want to park the Cubo SANISPRAY sanitizer trolley: just connect the unit to any 110V electrical socket and you are charging!
Once charging is complete, the smart charger automatically turns off the power, so you can leave the unit plugged in as long as you want.

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Cubo Sanispray

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