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The cleaning of sidewalks and pedestrian areas is one of the most important
activities for urban centres because it restores decorum and order, and above
all guarantees safety and wellbeing to citizens. As these spaces evolve, the tools
used to obtain effective results must also evolve. The time has come to abandon
broom and dustpan. The ITALA 135 electric sidewalk sweeper has been designed
for cleaning city centres, sidewalks, pedestrian areas and parks. It is so compact
and easy to handle that it can also be driven with one hand and does not require
a license. With the sidewalk sweeper ITALA 135, you can move easily between
benches and trees and, thanks to the chariot, you can comfortably drive it for
long stretches from one area of the city to another.

The sidewalk sweeper Itala 135 is perfect for

How it works

1. Control handle

Ergonomic and anti-vibration for brush movement.

2. Suction hose

Made of carbon, to suck material from flower beds, under benches, and between the bicycle racks.

3. Collection bin

Ergonomic wheelbarrow shape for fast emptying.
Heavy Duty disposable bag can be used.

4. On board battery charger

For easy recharge wherever the machine is.

5. Central brush

To collect material and dirt.

6. Safety devices

Fire extinguisher, horn, reverse buzzer, flashing beacon light, parking brake and automatic stop with hood open.

7. Tool kit

Broom and litter picker to collect waste.

8. LED front lights

For high visibility during night shifts.

9. Front bin

For bulky waste collected along the way.

10. Anti-dust system

Water spray at the brushes to eliminate dust.

11. Side brushes

Equipped with an anti-impact system.


any slope.

The powerful electric motor of the sidewalk sweeper ITALA 135 allows you to travel up slopes with 20% grade. Useful for when you have to work on uphill or downhill roads, or the ramps of multi-storey car parks.

at your fingertips.

Depending on the battery used, the sidewalk sweeper ITALA 135 guarantees you an uninterrupted work autonomy of more than 13 hours.
The on-board battery charger can work with a common electrical socket.

More clean air
for you too.

Thanks to the mechanical action of the central brush, waste is collected inside the 135 L bin, while the powerful filtering system absorbs and retains PM10 fine dust, sending clean air into the environment.
The suction hose allows you to remove dirt from tight corners and spaces that cannot be reached by brushes, such as between bicycle racks or in flower beds.

Itala 135

The electric sidewalk sweeper

compact and easy to use.


Sidewalks and pavement without access ramp would normally be an obstacle for your work.
The sidewalk ITALA 135 can be equipped with on-board ramps that allow you to get on and off from all sidewalks, in total safety.

your experience.

You can equip the sidewalk sweeper ITALA 135 with all common cleaning accessories and tools that make your working day easier and more comfortable.
A lockable glove compartment located under the hood allows you to keep your keys, telephone and other personal items safe.

In harmony with
the environment.

Thanks to its completely electric operation, which does not generate any noise or emit any exhaust gas, the sidewalk sweeper ITALA 135 is included among the Green Purchases or GPP (Green Public Procurement), because it its low environmental impact.
The silent operation allows you free access to historic centres, pedestrian or restricted access areas, at any time of the day without disturbing the public.

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