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Single disc machines

Durashine 13 / 17 / 20

Make the floor
shine again.

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Over the years, floors tend to become less shiny and show stains that usually
can't be removed by a simple washing or scrubbing.
The DURASHINE 13,17 and 20 single disc machines have cleaning paths of 33, 43 and 50 cm respectively.
They are easy to use, reliable machines, with which you can do various types of cleaning.
This includes de-waxing, deep cleaning, polishing, sanding, floor levelling and carpet washing.

How it works

1. Ergonomic handle

Made of special shockproof non twist steel tube material.

2. Water tank

Discharges directly on to the brush for combined use with chemicals.

3. Double wheels

For easy transport.

4. Adjustable steering

Gives you a wide choice of predefined positions which allows you to maintain optimal posture.

5. Weight distribution

Ensures optimal motor positioning for balanced weight distribution to facilitate work


Balanced power.

The DURASHINE 13/17/20 single disc machines have been developed with well-placed arrangement of the components to avoid vibrations allowing you to use them
effortlessly, even under the most demanding working conditions.
The gear transmission consists of an epicyclic reduction gear unit with 3 planetary gears, with helical teeth made of hardened steel and oversized bearings.

Easy to use right from the start.

The handle is made of a special anti-impact, anti-twist material that allows you to make precise movements without effort. The hose is made of thick steel to resist stress and chemical agents.

Durashine 17 Dual Speed

Durashine 17 Fast e Dual Speed

The more powerful the engine the easier it is to do a
more effective job. For this reason we have developed a complete range
of single disc machines with different configurations for the
more difficult cleaning challenges.
The FAST model is equipped with a powerful motor unit with
a rotation speed of 400 rpm.This is suitable for maintenance and
surface polishing.
The DUAL SPEED model on the other hand, is a versatile and
multifunctional single brush machine. You can independently manage the
working speed depending on whether you want to do a deep wash or polish
the floors to a brilliant shine.

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