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Grande Brio 35

in every way.

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Even small spaces present challenges when it comes to their cleaning; in fact,
obstacles and impediments make it difficult to reach all surfaces with the same
level of effectiveness. In environments such as professional offices, where dirt
is stubborn and the space reduced, the manual tools that we have always had
aren't helpful to achieve the desired outcome.
GRANDE BRIO 35 is the perfect small walk-behind scrubber dryer for cleaning
surfaces up to 1.050 m2, which allows you to get professional results quickly.
The small walk-behind scrubber dryer Grande Brio 35 comes as an electrical cable
or, to have more freedom of movement, it’s available as a battery version, which
guarantees an autonomy of use of more than 1 hour.

The walk-behind scrubber dryer Grande Brio 35 is perfect for

How it works

1. Simple controls

Always ready for use, only two buttons (On/Off) positioned on the handlebar.

2. On board charger

Integrated into the machine, it indicates the battery charge status at all times.

3. Non marking wheels

Don’t leave marks on the floor, even if wet.

4. Scrub and dry

Set behind the brush. the squeegee follows bends without leaving splashes.

5. Ergonomic grip

Made in anti-slip rubber with built-in buttons.

6. Adjustable handle

Even in operation, it allows you greater maneuverability along walls and corners.

7. Water tank

Equipped with handle to facilitate gripping and emptying.

8. Scrubbing pressure

The unit cleans with 28 kg of constant pressure on the floor.

9. Brush fixing

It’s installed and removed without using your hands.


Easy to use
right from the start.

Located on the handlebar, the 35’s controls are intuitive, with only two buttons you can activate the vacuum motor and brush.
The double-grip handlebar allows you to move the machine in a practical way from one room to another, while, thanks to the large wheels with which it is equipped, you can easily climb steps and take it to different floors of a building.

Hidden corners
no longer exist.

The 35 scrubbing deck is side-mounted in order to allow you to clean perfectly even along the walls and under the furniture.
The whole surface of the room, including corners, is thus cleaned and sanitized.

Cleaning thoroughly doesn't
mean making noise.

In many environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools, it’s fundamental to maintain peace and quiet.
Professionals who work there are asked to limit as much as possible the noise that can affect the rest and concentration of
others. The brush and vacuum motor of the 35 are well soundproofed to minimise the noises generated by the cleaning operation.

Grande Brio 35

The walk-behind scrubber dryer

that allows you to get

professional results quickly.

The inclination,
is up to you.

With such a diversified adjustment of the handlebar, the parking of the machine is less cumbersome;
you can in fact close the handlebar above the tank and transport the 35 comfortably in the trunk of a small car.

Let yourself be
carried by your needs.

You can choose which type of brush to use: those made of PPL with bristles of varying thickness or, for more resistant surfaces you can opt for a Tynex brush with steel bristles. There is a wide selection, even if you prefer to use the pad: a soft version with a polishing effect, through to the more robust pad for routine maintenance and, the more aggressive version to guarantee deeper cleaning.

pit stop.

All parts that require daily maintenance have been designed to be easily accessible and quick to clean. The brush can be removed by pressing the appropriate button, while
no tools are need to check and remove the squeegee and water filter.

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We have a common goal:
your health is important to us.

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Small walk-behind scrubber dryers

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