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Rugs and carpets are among the most common surfaces found in domestic
environments, offices, hotels, private and public areas.
This surface is comfortable, elegant and an excellent insulator.
It is also a hideout for dust, germs and bacteria.
The Inject & Extract 21 spray-extraction cleaner is equipped with
an injection and extraction system to remove surface dirt and wash and dry the fabric fibres.

The spray-extraction cleaner Duravac Inject & Extract 21 is perfect for

How it works

1. Ergonomic handle

For easy and convenient transport.

2. Cable holder hook

Integrated on the body to wind the power cable around.

3. Tank trolley

Contains the cleaning product.

4. Non-marking wheels

These are quiet and leave no marks.

5. Pump protection

When the pump temperature gets too high the protection system intervenes.

6. Quick connection

Bayonet fittings for quick connecting of the suction hose.


Triple function.

The surface to be treated is sprayed with a mixture of water and detergent to eliminate impurities including grease, scale and dirt in general, without producing dust.
The wet residues are then sucked and dried, transferring all this this to the collection drum.

Customized for you.

The accessories of the vacuum cleaner are used to clean the hard-to-reach spaces.
On INJECT & EXTRACT 21 the accessories are always at hand for quick and easy use.

makes the difference.

Once the job is finished, store the vacuum cleaner by wrapping the power cord in the space provided.
By doing this, the cable will always be serviceable without tangles and the INJECT & EXTRACT 21 vacuum cleaner will be ready for use.

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Spray-extraction cleaners

Duravac Inject & Extract 21

Wet & dry spray extraction cleaner
21 L

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