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Hotel facilities, pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers have a specific and very
demanding hygienic and sanitary need.
They are environments which must conform to HACCP regulations.
Typically these places are sanitized with specialised chemical detergents.
With the steam generator DURASTEAM 22 the use of chemicals is avoided as
the high temperature of the steam generated allows you to effectively clean the
environment with a minimal amount of water.

The steam generator Durasteam 22 is perfect for

How it works

1. Ergonomic handle

For a secure grip and easy transport of the machine.

2. Cable holder hook

Integrated on the body to store the power cable.

3. Tank trolley

To contain the cleaning product.

4. Warning lights

The lights indicate when the steam is ready and when it is necessary to refill the water.

5. 4 wheels

With integrated charge indicator. Simple to use without any training.

6. Dual function

Steam cleaner integrated with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

7. Stainless steel boiler

Robust with integrated resistance thermometer.

8. Rapid heating

Ready to use in minutes.


Double function.

The DURASTEAM 22 is a multipurpose machine. It’s a steam cleaner and wet vacuum in one.
Once the temperature of 140 ° C is reached inside the boiler, the cleaning and sanitising of hard surfaces and fabrics with the steam gun is easily done. This process gets
rid of grease, grime and dirt in general without producing any dust.

Customized for you.

The Durasteam 22 and its accessories are very effective for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces.
The DURASTEAM 22 has 16 different accessories inside the package. These are ideal for a wide range of cleaning functions.

Durasteam 22 Plus

Durastream 22 Plus

In addition to a stainless steel boiler, a continuous water refill, and an
operating pressure of 7.0 Bar, the DURASTEAM 22 PLUS is equipped with
a powerful suction device that provides an inject and extract function.
This can be used with both with hot and cold water and with or without
detergent. The system is fully adjustable.
This multi-function steam generator is useful for cleaning hard surfaces or
fabrics in general such as carpets, rugs, or car seats, where it is essential to
combine the steam injection and suction.
The DURASTEAM 22 PLUS is designed for both domestic and professional
use and is an ideal machine to use in hotels, restaurants, food outlets and
pharmaceutical companies. It is useful in all environments where maximum
hygiene is required. Use of the DURASTEAM 22  assists with HACCP selfcontrol

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