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Durasteam 22 Plus

In addition to a stainless steel boiler, a continuous water refill, and an operating pressure of 7.0 Bar, the Durasteam 22 Plus is equipped with a powerful suction device that provides an inject and extract function. This can be used with both with hot and cold water and with or without detergent. The system is fully adjustable. This multi-function steam generator is useful for cleaning hard surfaces or fabrics in general such as carpets, rugs, or car seats, where it is essential to combine the steam injection and suction. The Durasteam 22 Plus is designed for both domestic and professional use and is an ideal machine to use in hotels, restaurants, food outlets and pharmaceutical companies. It is useful in all environments where maximum hygiene is required. Use of the Durasteam 22 assists with HACCP selfcontrol regulations.
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Durasteam 22 Plus

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    Vacuum type

    Boiler capacity
    22 L

    Technical data


    Vacuum type Steam
    Working pressure bar 6,5
    Steam temperature °C 180
    Total power W 4400
    Max vacuum power  W 1400
    Boiler capacity l 5
    Steam temperature inside the boiler °C 180
    Boiler power W 1500 + 1500
    Satinless tank capacity l 22
    Water tank capacity l 5
    Detergent tank capacity l 5
    Voltage V 220-240
    Hz 50-60
    Machine dimensions (Lxlxh) mm 500x1070x660
    Machine weight kg 45

    Other machines versions

    Durasteam 22

    Durasteam 22

    Standard steam generator
    22 L

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