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Durasteam 22

Hotels, pharmaceutical and food companies have specific and very demanding hygienic-sanitary needs, as they are environments subject to HACCP regulations. Generally these places are sanitized with chemicals, the choice of which is always delicate. With Durasteam 22 steam generator you avoid the abuse of chemicals, since the high temperature of the steam generated allows you to clean environmentally with a minimum amount of water.
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Durasteam 22

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    Vacuum type

    Boiler capacity
    22 L

    Technical data


    Vacuum type Steam
    Working pressure bar 4,5
    Steam temperature °C 140
    Total power W 3050
    Max vacuum power  W 1250
    Boiler capacity l 2,2
    Steam temperature inside the boiler °C 140
    Boiler power W 900 + 900
    Satinless tank capacity l 22
    Water tank capacity l 8
    Detergent tank capacity l //
    Voltage V 220-240 (110 opt.)
    Hz 50-60
    Machine dimensions (Lxlxh) mm 410x410x810
    Machine weight kg 22

    Other machines versions

    Durasteam 22 Plus

    Durasteam 22 Plus

    High temperature
    steam generator
    22 L Plus

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