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Municipalities are faced with ever increasing requirements when it comes to cleaning public
areas. The higher standards are in place to improve citizens’ lives, making the city attractive
to tourists, guaranteeing people’s safety and well-being, all while preserving resources and
reducing environmental impact. With continuous investments in research, we have decided
to accept these challenges by building a 100% electric street vacuum for the collection of urban
and industrial waste. The waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 is a product that is as unique as its name.
Far more efficient than traditional manual cleaning tools, the waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240
allows you to vacuum any type of waste from cigarette butts & water bottles, to dog excrements
while being able to reach even the most hidden and difficult corners.

The street vacuum cleaner Aria 240 is perfect for

How it works

1. Safety devices

Fire extinguisher, horn, reverse buzzer, reflectors, parking brake, automatic stop with open filter.

2. Liquid spray function

To remove dust, deodorize, disinfect and put out lit cigarette butts.

3. Tool kit

Lockable glove compartment for phone & wallet. With broom, litter picker and bucket for large size waste items.

4. Bag holder

Integrated bag compartment to ensure continuity of cleaning activities during the day.

5. Scratch-proof floor

Made of stainless steel it resists wear and tear over time.

6. On board battery charger

To recharge batteries wherever you are.

7. Ergonomic joystick

Turbo fan function, horn and liquid spray control at your fingertips.

8. Intuitive console

With integrated hour meter, simple to use without any training.

9. Control steering

Push or pull the lever if you want to move forward or backward.

10. Spray System

is activated by the joystick and is used to put out lit cigarette butts and sanitize.

11. Led front lights

For high visibility during night shifts.

12. Four wheels

Equally sized to avoid the risk of tipping over in case of steps and uneven flooring. Can effectively be used off-road.


Getting stuck
is not on the agenda.

The waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 is equipped with four wheels of equal size on both front and rear, making the machine very stable on any type of surface, even uneven
or grassy areas. It can also climb up or down sidewalks of 20cm height in total safety, and overcome slopes greater than 20% grade.
The street vacuum machine Aria can get wherever necessary.

safety and hygiene.

The waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 has a double liquid misting system. With the spray on the suction hose you can put out the cigarette butts before sucking them, avoiding combustion inside the bin.
You can also sanitize the ground after sucking up dog excrements. The spray nozzle inside the bin reduces dust and deodorizes

More clean air
for you too.

The vertical filter retains PM10 fine particles and releases purified air into the atmosphere.
Its vertical position allows for the use of the entire surface area, a big improvement over horizontal filters that are required to be rotated when clogged.
With the waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 you reduce maintenance inefficiencies and take advantage of long work sessions at maximum performance.

Aria 240

The 100% electric waste vacuum cleaner

for the collection of

urban and industrial waste.

your message.

You can equip the waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 with a rear LED screen, to be used as a mobile advertising screen for photos and videos.
A useful way to keep citizens informed about your work with zero environmental impact, but also to warn them of important communications or of particular events happening in the city.

Details make
the difference.

The DRS system (Dirt Recognition System) warns you when to empty the collection bin once it reaches its maximum capacity, so you will have
less waste of bags. In addition, with the Hydrojet system, you will have a pressurized water sprayer for sanitizing garden furniture, public benches or garbage cans.

In harmony with
the environment..

Thanks to its fully electric operation, the waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 is part of the Green Purchases with low environmental impact (GPP). With zero emissions and low noise level you can work in crowded historic centres and pedestrian areas without disturbing the citizens. The unit can be used to carry out work safely at any time.

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Aria 240 Super


The waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 SUPER is equipped with a mechanical arm to support the weight of the suction tube and keep it extended in a straight line which facilitates the suction of larger items. In addition, the innovative automatic cleaning system of the AIR BLAST filter will continually purge the filter to avoid clogging. With the supplied air gun, at the end of the day you can also finish cleaning the filter and the whole machine.

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Aria 240 HYDRO

Stubborn dirt has
no chance.

ARIA 240 HYDRO is the innovative urban electric vacuum cleaner designed to revolutionize city waste management. Equipped with extraordinary power and efficiency, this device is designed to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in urban areas quickly and effectively. What makes the Aria 240 Hydro unique is its medium-pressure lance, which uses a 60-liter water tank to sanitize efficiently and remove encrusted dirt, such as dog droppings, pigeon droppings, and traces of grease from surfaces. The combination of powerful suction and medium-pressure cleaning makes the Aria 240 Hydro electric vacuum cleaner a complete solution for tackling city cleaning challenges.

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Street vacuum cleaners

Aria 240

Electric waste vacuum cleaner
urban and industrial waste collection

Product details
Street vacuum cleaners

Aria 240 Super

Electric waste vacuum cleaner
urban and industrial waste collection
with automatic filter cleaning

Product details
Street vacuum cleaners

Aria 240 HYDRO

Electric waste vacuum cleaner
urban and industrial waste collection
with lance medium pressure

Product details
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