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Shops, hair salons, hospitals, schools, restaurants, gyms and any crowded places

are faced with the task of achieving a deep and professional cleaning in the shortest time possible.
It has to be carried out swiftly and with the minimum effort, without affecting the customers

presence or business operations.

Thanks to the compact vertical scrubber-dryer WILLMOP 35, incredibly fast, professional

cleaning in small and narrow spaces is attainable.

An impressive piece of equipment, that through its extreme maneuverability, agilely accompanies

the operator's movements while providing the same power of larger machines.

WILLMOP 35 is designed to get the job done in a heartbeat!
It’s simplicity and ergonomic design, combined with the remarkable scrubbing and drying
performances, will make the working task more enjoyable and inevitably make your day easier.

Willmop 35 S is the version for the US and German market.

The upright floor scrubber-dryer Willmop 35 is perfect for

How it works

1. Sensitive handle

With one hand you can perform all the cleaning operations that you want.

2. Swappable lithium battery

13 Ah lithium battery, with charge indicator. Easily interchangeable with a second charged unit to guarantee infinite work cycles (24/7).

3. Inspectable recovery tank

The dirty water tank can be opened to be washed and inspected.

4. Transfer wheels

Using the rear wheels WILLMOP 35 can be moved from room to room without the need to lift.

5. Scrub and dry

The squeegee is electrically lifted for activities that don’t require drying.

6. Intuitive console

Easy to use, it doesn’t require any training. It also has an integrated hour-usage counter.

7. Smart steering

Removing the hands from the handle, the machine remains upright and automatically enters the stand-by mode.

8. 360° use flexibility

Fully 360° rotatable steering guarantees an impressive manoeuvrability especially for the areas difficult to reach.

9. Water refill

Tanks are easily removable; the transparent water tank can be filled with a convenient refill hose.

10. Scrubbing pressure

The unit cleans with 18 kg of constant pressure on the floor, regardless of the handle position.

11. Bumpers

It is protected by 4 bumper wheels that allow you to clean along the wall without leaving marks.


Overcome any obstacles.

Moving freely and easily along with your professional cleaning machine is possible.

With the WILLMOP 35 you clean without having to stop if you find stairs on your way, as it can easily be picked up.

The handle at the base allows to comfortably and safely, carry your professional scrubber-dryer from one floor to another without limitations.

High power
in a compact design.

WILLMOP 35 features two high revolutions brush motors, and optimal floor pressure, providing powerful scrubbing and a high level of cleaning.

Its small footprint allows you to reach all those areas difficult to reach, such as corners and flush with the wall, while bumper wheels protect your furniture at any time.

Agility is
in its DNA.

The WILLMOP 35’s innovative elastic joint allows an unlimited 360° range of motion, giving you the freedom to work with one or both hands as you prefer, providing ergonomics and a lightweight feel to your arms during use.

The steering of the WILLMOP 35 reaches an inclination of up to 36° from the ground, making it possible to reach areas you did not imagine possible: under tables, between chairs, low-height furniture.


A solution that overcomes

mobility barriers

in narrow spaces

Total control
at your fingertips.

WILLMOP 35 features dedicated working functions for all cleaning requirements. You can also adjust the cleaning power according to the floor conditions.

The squeegee has a smart system that automatically responds by raising or lowering depending on the cleaning functionality that has been selected. With WILLMOP 35 you can clean quickly and comfortably with complete peace of mind.

Eco-friendly attitude.

Working with the WILLMOP 35 means cleaning with an eco-friendly apparatus. Water and chemical consumption, as well as the noise levels are kept at bare minimum.

The WILLMOP 35 engages the stand-by mode if the operator removes the hands from the handle, and automatically switches off completely if left in stand-by mode for too long, saving valuable battery autonomy for when you really need it.

Hygiene and
safety made easy.

WILLMOP 35 reaches a level of hygiene that exponentially exceeds that of the traditional mops.

Do not worry about the dirty water tank when it fills up, since there is a detection sensor that automatically switches off both the suction and the machine completely, warning the operator with the blinking lights when it’s time to empty.

When a break is needed and you have to leave the machine, it is not necessary to park the WILLMOP 35, as the steering-column remains upright without falling to the ground, anyway.

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